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Dave Abbott

BRIGHTON August Bank Holiday

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For those not going to the IOW, or if you get to the coast and decide that you cant stomach the most expensive ferry crossing in the world, then Brighton it is!

Saturday 28 August

10.00 pm - 2.00 am @ Hanbury Ballroom, 83 St Georges Road, Kemp Town, Brighton

£5 b4 11.00 pm (£6 after). Half price for Brighton Northern Soul Alldayer Members.

DJs playing Current Biggies, Northern Classics and Forgotten Gems: Dave Abbott, Simon Bridger, Steve Csordas, The Soul Sisters (Sue and Amanda) and Trickster (AKA Chris Harvey).

Please email simon.soul@btinternet.com for more info and membership details.

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and then...

Sunday 29 August AllDayer

3.00 pm - 2.00 am (Bank Holiday special!) @ Volks Tavern, Madeira Drive, Brighton.

£5 after 8.00 pm. Free for Brighton Northern Soul Alldayer Members.

DJs playing Current Biggies, Northern Classics and Forgotten Gems: Ion Mighty, Marco Santucci, Rachael Shirley, The Soul Sisters (Amanda Sullivan and Sue Brick) and Tony Smith

Plus Residents: Colin Baldock and Simon Bridger

Plus! Jules Royston and Guests spinning R'n'B and Mod Jazz in the Basement.

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I'm on my way.... (well in the morning)! :-)

Hope to see you there Rachel........... in my new party frock :-)))

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A fanatastic Saturaday nite and Sunday. The best Sunday I've been to in Brighton. Both functions excellent!

Big thanks to Simon and Sam and all the made it happen

Playlist, not in order

Sat nite - Hanbury Ballrooms 12.00 - 1.00

Vanguards- good times bad times - Lamp

Montclairs -Hey you.. -Arch

Johnny Howard - The chase is on - Bashie

Royal Esquires - Aint gonna run - Prix

Baby Washington - Get a hold of yourself - UA (uk)

Cautions - No other way - Shrine

BJ Thomas - Keep it up - Joed

Cre-Shendos - You're still on my mind - Aquarius

Cassietta George - Don't give up - Audio Gospel

Enchantments - I'm in love with your daughter - Faro

Pat Valentine - If you don't come - SAR

Kindly Shepherds - Lend me your hand - Checker

Pat & Blenders - Just because - Fast Eddie

Hyperions - Why you wanna treat me.. - Chattahoochee

Oxford Knights - Im such a lonely one - Delphi

Forston & Scott - Sweet lover - Pzazz

Ultimates - Girl ive been trying to tell you - Br-Roma

Ascots - Just s few feet from the gutter - Am. Playboy

Delegates of Soul - I'll come running back - Up Look

Edwin Starr - Scotts on swingers - RicTic

Edward Hamilton - Baby don't you weep - Mary Jane

Thee Midniters - Youre gonna make me cry - Whittier

Peps - My love looks good on you - D-Town

Dobie Gray - Out on the floor - Charger

Sunday Volks - 12.30 - 1.15 Double deckin' with Steve C after 8 hours of drinking. A good time was had!! ;-)

L Allen - Cant we talk it over - Green Dolphin

Don Ray - Born a loser - RCA

Spellbinders - Help me - Columbia

Marvin Gaye - Love Starved heart - Tamla

Dobie Gray - Out on the floor - Charger (!!)

Vanguards - Good times bad times - Lamp

Fabulous Dimensions - I cant take it, baby - Saphire

Deadbeats - No second chance - Srata

Benny Spellman - This is for you my love - Alon

So I played dobie gray on sat nite. And then I could not believe it when someone asked for it sunday nite. the poor guy got a grilling as to why he wanted it played -I really thought I was being wound up!

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Just home from my week daaan saaath... here's my playlist from Brighton on Sunday


Tony Amaro - Runnin' Around

The Fawns - Girl In Trouble

Mirettes - He's Alright With Me

Betty Johnson - What's The Matter Little Girl

Irene Reid - The Funny Thing About It

Rose Hargrove - Knocked Down Kicked Around

Five Stairsteps - Playgirl's Love

Linda Eliot - Fell In Love With You Baby

Betty Everett - Trouble Over The Weekend

Exsaveyons - I Don't Love You No More

Johnny & the Expressions - Shy Girl

Dusty Springfield - Here She Comes

Bobbie Smith - Walk On Into My Heart

Betty Lavette - Almost

Scientists of Soul - Be's That-a-way Sometime

Producers - Love Is Amazing

Verdelle Smith - Walk Tall

Jean Wells - With My Love...

Fontella Bass - Safe & Sound

Rose Batiste - Come Back In A Hurry

Mamie Lee - I Can Feel Him Slipping Away


Nancy Wilson - Uptight

Roy Redmond - Ain't That Terrible

Leah Dawson - My Mechanical Man

Lee Charles - If That Ain't Lovin' You

Jackie Verdell - Are You Ready For This

Perigents - Love On The Rampage

Le Tre Femme - Open Up The Safe

Thee Prophets - Come To Me

Beverly Ann - You've Got Your Mind On Other Things

Fontella Bass - Lucky In Love

The Ad Libs - Appreciation

Little Rose Little - You've Got The Love

Shep - Fool To Fool

Sunny Ridell - Come Out Into My World

Dee Dee Sharp - There Ain't Nothin' I Wouldn't Do

Deon Jackson - Ooh Baby

Apollas - Just Can't Get Enough Of You

Blossoms - Deep Into My Heart

De Vons - Someone To Treat Me

Falcons - I'm A Fool I Must Love You

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