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The Inspirations - Tell Daddy


Does anyone know a little more about this blue eyed monster??? I have played this out a few times and got a fantastic reaction from the dance floor!!! :D

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On 16/04/2011 at 19:36, viphitman said:

Does anyone know a little more about this blue eyed monster??? I have played this out a few times and got a fantastic reaction from the dance floor!!! :D

I'm guessing the now-dead link to the tune on YouTube was to my old channel, which I accidentally deleted some years back. I did re-upload all the tunes I'd posted, including this one.

Just today, one of the band members – Steven Fuchs – commented on it as follows:


Totally unbelievable! Came across this video tonight surfing you tube. Yes, that's John Draws singing and I am Steve Fuchs (Tenor Sax ) along with Tom Bloom (Lead Guitar), Bill Tracinski (Bass ), Dale Streeter (Drums), Ron Skaluta (Organ), David Zilka (Trumpet) and possibly Dean Hottinger (Alto sax)). I still remember the PKC recording studio or should I say someone's basement in Milwaukee ,Wisconsin in the late 1960's. Brings back so many memories. Any Idea where I can get a copy of this 45? Mine was lost a long time ago moving around in the Marine Corps. Or can you post the flip side (Watermelon Man) on You Tube if you have it?

I also received a comment from another member of the band – John Draws – four years ago:


This fine young voice sounds all too familiar. This is me singing back in day before being drafted into military service. Brings back many memories. I can't believe somebody actually found this. Makes my day hearing this and seeing it on the internet.

If anyone does have a copy for Steve Fuchs, let me know or get in touch with him via YouTube.

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I've now posted up the flip side - Watermelon man - at the request of Steve Fuchs.

Steve's also said that just 100 copies of the 45 were pressed as giveaways for friends and family. They did this because they were concerned about how they might have to pay royalties to the composers of both songs - Clarence Carter and Herbie Hancock – bearing in mind that the band had produced and pressed the 45 themselves. This meant that neither of the two tracks ever got any radio airplay. 

The band was together for about two years and split when John Draws and Steve Fuchs were drafted into the army. Steve stayed in the Marine Corps for 28 years before settling in Honolulu where he still lives today.

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