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Soulchoons @ The Mill Charity Events (Sun 24Th Aprill)

Were do i start with this one. with a lot being on in the north west yesterday we thought we were going to be in for a steady afternoon but it was busy from the word Go! and by 8pm it was very busy. we made a fantastic £670 for QueensCourt Hospice which will help for some much needed care. I just want to thank everyone who travelled far and wide to get over to the mill from the likes of Kent, Bradford, Northhampton. Everyone seemed to have a great time and the records played were second to non. a BIG thankyou to the guest DJ's( Kev Such, Jools Metcalfe, Lawrence Grimshaw and Dave Haizelden) who gave up there time and traveled along way to be a part of the day, you all played top draw music which catered for all tastes. not forgetting Rod,Carol and myself who also helped keep the floor alive right through to the lights being switched on at 01.10am. A massive thankyou to Nick the sweety man who supplied 60 or so easter eggs maybe more which soon disappeared (and i didn't get one). thankyou to Kev and Gloria for making the fridge magnets of which £2 from each magnet went straight to the charity. and last but by no means least Graham for keeping track of what was a very busy door.

I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as i did and hopefully we will see you back on the 29th May for another 12hr Alldayer.

Many thanks

Danny :thumbsup:


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Me and Karen just got home. Sitting in the garden having a beer, marvellous.

GREAT day at The Mill. And well done on the money raised.

BRILLIANT to see SO many in attendance especially as Danny said "There were so many other things on".

Me and Karen had a blast.

BRILLIANT company and the dancing didnt stop till the last tune played out. TOP FORM

STILL think you are wrong about MP3's and CD's Jeff. But as you said at 1am ish this morning we will have to agree to disagree mate.Last word on the subject though. ITS OVO or nothing haha.

Karen was dead chuffed with her Easter Egg and that was a good touch handing them out, but how come only the girls got them?

Great to see SO many people we knew and met a stack more. Thankyou for the RnB Cd Derek, I'll call you midweek mate.

Apologies if my Afternoon spot didnt appeal to all, but we cant play the same in the afternoon as later or vice versa ( as was suggested, haha). And some brilliant stuff would never get heard if we stuck to the same tunes over and over again. Hopefully as said in the afternoon I would try harder in the evening,:thumbsup: No tomatoes were thrown, that I saw so hopefully it went ok.

Well done to all concerned and we will catch up somewhere soon.

Kev ( dont do modern) Such and Karen.

Cream Cracker Soul Club. 14th May. Burton Latimer Community Centre. Pioneer Avenue. Burton Latimer. Northants. NN15 5LH. 8pm to 2am. £5 On the door.

DJ's Wayne Moseley, Pete Neal, Smudge, Smiggy, Pete French and Al Leighton.

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WOW, that was some event at the mill yesterday ( night ) :thumbsup: sat here still trying to recover, absolutely knackerd, wish i`d booked all this week off work now LOL :hatsoff2:. Julie and myself enjoyed every minute of it from 1pm to 1amish, and the breckkie as good as last time. Booked room for next month all-dayer looking forward to it. Just like to say well done Danny and Rod for organising a first rate event time after time and raising lots of money for the hospice. The DJ`s top notch as was the choons each and everyone of them played. Thanks to all involved for a great day ( night ) :thumbsup: and see you next month.

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Guest eringobrath1965

First visit to the Mill for me ...and have to say what a Brilliant ' Dayer ' !! ..Great music and Great friends new and old

Great to meet you Kev ( blinding set ) and you'll have to keep the Whiskey on ice ( so to speak ) for another time lol

Top set from Danny and thanks for playing the Bobby Hutton ...

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Did you play some "Modern" tunes Lawrence? Sorry mate I didnt notice, haha!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rod's Playlist The Mill, Sunday 24th April 2011. Afternoon & Night Spots.

Standing In The Darkness. The Ethics. Vent Demo.

The Reason Why. The Dolls. Loma.

In My Lonely Room. Martha And The Vandellas. Gordy.

I'm Truly Yours. Eric And The Vikings. Gordy Demo.

Make Me Yours. High Inergy. Gordy Demo.

She's Putting On You. The United Four. Harthon.

Soul Meeting. Soul Clan. Atlantic.

Times A Wasting. Fuller Brothers. Soul Clock.

Groovin With Mr Bloe. Wind. Life.

Come On And See Me. Tammi Terrell. Motown.

Wade In The Water. Salem Travelers. Halo.

The End Of Our Love. Nancy Wilson. Capitol.

Ten Miles High. David And The Giants. Crazy Horse.

Walking Up A One Way Street. Willie Tee. Atlantic.

My Baby. The Temptations. Gordy.

First I Look At The Purse. Contours. Gordy.

Double-O-Soul. Sonny Stitt. Wingate.

Cashing In. The Voices Of East Harlem. Just Sunshine.

I Couldn't Believe It. David Ruffin And Eddie Kendrick. RCA Demo.

Everything Coming Up Love. David Ruffin. Motown.

How Long. Micky Whighams. Quicksand.

Aint No Sole In These Old Shoes. Corvairs. Columbia Demo.

Just Walk In My Shoes. The Magnificents. Counsel.

Good-Bye Cruel Love. Linda Griner. Motown Demo.

Come And Ask Me. 5 Wagers. Tiara Demo.

Breakaway. Jimmy Radcliffe/Steve Karmen Band. United Artist Demo.

Running For My Life. Roscoe Shelton. Sound Stage Seven.

Purple Haze. Johnny Jones And The King Casuals. Brunswick.

Walk Out The Door If You Wanna. Yvonne Fair. Motown.

Without The One You Love. Four Tops. Motown.

You Brought About A Change In Me. Jackie Wilson. Brunswick.

Better Use Your Head. Little Anthony And The Imperials. Veep.

You're the Only One. Bonnie Blanchard And Andy Aaron. C.R.S.

I Got To Get My Self Together. Donnie Elbert. Rare Bullet.

I Can't Hear You. Betty Everett. Vee Jay.

Wish You Didn't Have To Go. James And Bobby Purify. Bell.

Wherever She Leadeth Me. The Impressions. Curtom.

I Wanna See You Soon. Tavares And Freda Payne. Capitol.

Edited by Willie

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Another Fantastic All Dayer at The Mill. In my opinion definitely the best one yet without a doubt..... hatsoff2.gif

Great to see the Northampton Crew and the Corner Crew from Manchester.....yes.gif

The Preston Crew were once again there in force.....hypo.gif

The dance floor bouncing from the word go.......sweatingbullets.gif

Tremendous choons played by all,thumbup.gif especially Lawrence & Jools from the Harold Club, Bradford......thumbup.gif

Can't wait until the next one at the end of the month.thumbsup.gif

Willie & Sue.wave.gif

Edited by Willie

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