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Paul McKay


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2nd Friday of every month

Crossover, plus a sprinkling of group sounds, midtempo 60`s, beat ballads and a few 70`s gems.

DJs Mark Houghton, Paul McKay + guest Ben Summers


Ravey Street



6.30 - 11.30

Entry free!

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God i'm such a spanner sometimes !!

In my defence though... I did access the topic from the front page which doesn't show the 'subtitle' bit .... but i'm still a spanner :) )

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Don't normally like to review my own nights but I don't think any other Soul Sourcers were there

I was late arriving for the 6.30 start as our electronic trading system fell over as I walked out the office door Arrive just before 7 to find that we Djs outnumbered the punter 2v1 However, the numbers swiftly began to grow and as they did so did the temperature in this small underground bar. By 10.30 the place was packed, with very little shuffling room left (the place doesn't have a dance licence - didn't know you needed one these days I have to say). Last orders was at 12 so all in all a very enjoyable night. Here's what I played:

7.30 - 8.30

Contributors of Soul - You can't help but fall in love - Tad

Paramount Four - You don't know - Southern City

Ty Hunter - I don't see me in your eyes any more - Invictus

Mary Wells - Keep me in suspense - Atco DJ

Billy Kent - Take it all this time - Expo

Turnpikes - Nothing but promises - Capitol DJ

Fuller Bros. - Stranger at my door - GD & L

Ray Jiminez - Leave her alone - Columbia DJ

Frank Lynch - Young girl - My

Soul Clinic - No one loves me any more - Bay Sound

Bobby Moore - Give me your love right now - Checker |DJ

Popular 5 - Baby I've got it - Mister Chand DJ

TSU Toronadoes - Please heart don't break - Rampart St.

Nate Evans - Main squeeze - Twinight DJ

Melvin Davis - You made me over - Invictus DJ

Ascots - Just a few feet from the gutter - American Playboy DJ

Center Stage - Hey lady - Dispo

Casino Royale - Get yourself together - Key-Loc

Classic Example - That's groovy = GSF DJ

George Jackson - Macking on you - Chess

Al Christian - I'm a lonely man - Chant DJ

Lonnie Youngblood - The grass will sing for you - Fairmount DJ

Later stuff to follow



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Here's 10.30 - 12.00, the last hour or so double decking 2 records at a time with Mark Houghton:

Flowers - For real - LA Expressio

Foundations - Change my life - UK Psycho

Pioneers - My good friend James - UK Mercury

Pro Fascinations - I want to wrap you in my arms - MOT

Na Allen - Thanks for nothing - Atco DJ

Bobby Reed - The time is right for love - Bell

Celeste Hardie - You're gone - Reynolds

Esther Byrde - Touch me, take me - UK Survival

Bitter & Sweet - I won't have any babies for you - Anything Everything

Choice of Color - Your love - APT

Betty Wright - Man of mine - Alston

Patterson Twins - I need your love - Malaco

Eddie Billups & CCs - Shake off that dream - Gar-Pax DJ

Willie Tee - First taste of hurt - Gatur

Charisma Band - Cover up

James Phelps - The look on your face - Apache

Arnold Blair - Trying to get next to you - Gemigo

Darrell Banks - I'm the one who loves you - UK Stax

Flowers - We can make it happen - LA Expressio


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