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Guest Andy BB


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Guest Andy BB

What's the story with Valatone?

None this week either? Sort it out old boy! Every time there's no Valatone we risk falling asleep and not making it to the 100 club.

Either that or having a pre party which invariably results in us all getting battered and too early and deciding to just keep the party going either way we miss out.

If it's the venue can't you relocate it on the nights that you can't get it there (ok not as easy as it sounds but frankly I don't care how difficult it is you lazy git)

Moan moan whinge whinge, sorry Johnny I'm sure you've got your reasons but don't give me problems, give me solutions...


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Sorry Andy, me ol mohaired mucker!!! Just couldn't get the venue...... blah blah ba ba ba blah (see post on "MEET UP BEFORE 100 CLUB" thread)! However I strongly recommend you make it down to the December doo as you are DJing for me!!

Ta very much


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