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*boomerang* Canal Tavern, Thorne

Guest karen b

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Guest karen b

Well, I had a blast last night, even though I was on door duty.yes.gif

I shall keep this post to thank yous and let others describe their experiences.

Here we go..................................................................

Guest DJs........Mick H, he was our first guest DJ four years ago and I felt last night was a triumphant return, great fun

fantastic selection played over two sets. Thank you.thumbup.gif

.................Jordi Rippolles, I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we enjoyed hearing your plays, anoraks in the room

were certainly challenged a few times, and scribbling notes for later..lol thank you.g.gif(chin stroker)

........Arthur Fenn, our non resident!, thank you for putting up with us both and withstanding soooo much

banter, both sets last night were once again perfect 'Boomerang' which takes a lot of 'box shuffling' when you are a

'regular guest'lolswoon.gif

.............Maria O, Boomerang was your brainchild and the whole reason I got on board was because of your passion for the

music and the NO COMPROMISE on the quality together with integrity of peoples Playboxes when invited to play.

Last night you delivered that quality in spades with a great mix in both sets and I especially enjoyed the smattering

of oldies. Thank you.hatsoff2.gif

Playlists asap please DJs.

The last big THANK YOU is the biggest and it is for all of the people who make it to Boomerang, last night had a

real buzz, we hope you will all come and join us again.wave.gif

Love Karen xxx

A short note regarding our dear friend David (Saus) many of his and Clairs friends were in attendance last night and

if love can mend a broken heart you've got no problem coz the room was full of it for you. Get well soon xxxthumbsup.gif

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I 'm going to be a bit busy for a short while so thought I'd make my comments on Boomerang now. A great night (as usual), some superb sounds played by all the DJs. Thanks for to Arthur, Jordi and Mick H for kindly playing my requests: Two Plus Two - I'm Sure; Ray 'Tiny' Crawley with Wanda Mcdaniels and the Ultimate Choice - Gangster Boy; and the Magnetics - Count The Days respectively. I was very pleased when Mick H played the 7th Avenue Aviators' Boy Next Door as his penultimate track, even better than the A side imo.

My only criticism is that the dance floor was a bit sticky in places, or was it just me? I was wearing leather soled shoes but could have done with a dash of talc.

Boomerang is always a very friendly night, so was good to see so many of my friends there, hope to some of you again soon at Cleethorpes and Bridlington.

Thanks to Martin for his driving and his company, we had a good laugh as usual. It's funny how I always feel happy at soul nights, probably I'm a grumpy old geezer at other times. Thanks to the DJs and a particular thanks to Karen and Maria, without whom Boomerang would not be possible.

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I had a great time on saturday, many thanks to Maria, Karen and the team for having me on as a guest. I thought the night was superb, packed out and sweaty, just like a good night should be. The music was as expected, fantastic and varied. I haven't been getting out and about much this last year so it was a great kick up the arse for me and it really made me feel enthusiastic for the scene again. I thought Mick H was on fire, his set and delivery was absolutely superb. My only slight gripe about the evening was the feedback from the sound system which was a bit of a pain when DJing as it meant levels had to be down and the best sound couldn't be got out of the records. It was great to see so many faces out and it really shows why the Boomerang is one of the best nights going when you see so many people from all over the country in the same room. So thanks again and I'll post a playlist up later.


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Us lot all had a fab time, what else after such a warm welcome?! :hatsoff2: - See you at Sam's birthday.

All the best,


"Surely it's more enjoyable to be guessing what the D.J's gonna play next, rather than telling him what he should of played last?!" :O)

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Guest AndyL

Yes i travelled up from Northants with Len and John and we had a great time. Our second visit to the Boomerang and it surely wont be our last. The atmosphere and the DJ mix is spot on. The music flows seemlessly from one Dj to the next. Having said that i thought that Mick H's sets were the best iv heard in a long time.

Maria and Karen keep up the good work !! See you at the next one


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