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***soulchoons @ The Mill***

Well a slow start to the afternoon but wot a fantastic turn out by the evening. The spots from everyone of the DJ'S were top notch and catered for every tastes. A total of £360 was raised for Derian house childerns hospice. A big thankyou to guest DJs Julian Bentley, Steve Clayton,Bram Breeze, Tommy Allinson, Denis Peacock for giving up there time and playing fantastic Choons for all, Graham for doing a great job on the door as usual and sweaty man (birthday boy) Nick for around 100 areo lambs, 3kg of jelly babys, and 100 galaxy caramel eggs Yum yum!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the day and hope to see you back for another 12hr alldayer on August Bank holiday. On behalf of the resident Dj's Carol Gilboy, Rod Clegg and myself Danny, we wish you well and will see you soon




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£360.00 :lol: :lol: :yes:

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Another fantastic All Dayer & could feel the heat from the Dance Floor even in our corner.....sweatingbullets.gif

Top Tunes, Top Venue, KTF Crew there in Force....thumbup.gif

What more can I say....hatsoff2.gif

Willie & Sue....wave.gif

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Well Danny, like you said started slowly :wub: , but boy, finished like an express train :yes: , lot of bodies on the dance floor dancing to great choons, even Julie ( the birthday girl ) stayed till the death, don`t think she wanted to go back to the room she was enjoying herself that much. I was creamed crackerd the morning after, up dancing all afternoon, and night :thumbsup: . but another great alldayer, so here`s to the next :wave: . Well done to you and Rod for organising a great event :lol: ,and the company first class as always. Till the next time.


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