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Miracles, horace andy or susan coogan???

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We've been playing a reggae tune forever, called Do It Baby (Susan Coogan), which was also recorded by Horace Andy ( this time called Nice And Easy - an absolute reggae classic) - I was just wondering if anyone knows who wrote it and do the reggae versions predate the Miracles - my copy says 1974, which sounds quite late. The Susan Coogan version is one of the most beautiful tracks I have ever heard ....

cheers xx

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"Do It Baby" was co-written by Billy Griffin, Leon Ware and possibly Smokey (1974 Tamla).

I think you mean Susan Cadogan (not Coogan). She recorded Do It Baby (Nice and Easy), in 1975 for her "Hurt So Good" album (Trojan). Horace Andy's version also came out in 1975 - it was produced by Bunny Lee and came out on the Attack label (a Trojan subsidiary)

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thanks very much - its unbelievable how many huge reggae records there are that are Motown covers - the vocal often sounds very similar to the original as well - Susan Cadogan weirdly sounds like Smokey ... I didn't expect a reply so soon - I am impressed

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