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Winding Wheel Chesterfield

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Well done Mr Armstrong, another resounding success at WW. The new Motown and Classics room with Duggie and Cressy was full all night from start to finish as was the main room. All the Dj's delivered the goods playing brilliant sets.

Carl on first as usual warming the floor up nicely with all the right tunes. Mr Rimmer next with another top spot. Mitch just never fails and filled his spot nicely with classics from all the Major venues of the 70's. Ginger just does it every time lifting the crowd as he always does. Me next, then the nicest man on the planet Rob Smith guiding us through to the end.

All in all a fantastic night which I am sure everyone enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks Phil for letting me be part of it.


Ian G

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Absolutely first class night

Ballroom rammed,

Motown room rammed

Great party atmosphere a reminder of the Swan Hotel Ballroom and Mansfield Palais

back in the days of yesteryear

super people

great Djs

Cressy Magnificent

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A BIG thanks to Phil,Ian and Carl for letting me spin a few toons at the Winding Wheel :thumbsup: Top class night with Top class Dj's and two rooms playing Top class music to an appreciative Crowd :thumbup: This place just gets better and better :( Roll on the next one.

KTF Mitch & Mel


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Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who attended and all the DJ's who made this another great night at The Winding Wheel.

Didn't know what to expect with the opening of the 1st night of the additional Motown & Club Soul room, which exceeded all my expectations - after 30 mins it was rammed all night, DJ's Doug Hall and Cressy, were so much more than DJ's, they were hosts, showmen and made so many friends over the course of the night

Cheers Phil

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a very good night at the winding wheel.. the new formula worked well with the motown n' classics upstairs .. it would be good to get the tables back down the sides in the main hall, :lol:

super sets from all the Dj's .. good stuff all night :D

pete n' susan ktf

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