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First of all, sorry if my english is not good. I'm from Spain. My name is al.chust and I'm creating a new radio. I'll have four channels: Rock, Jazz, Vocal and only one that now is working: Soul, Funk, R&B, Motown, Northern soul.... I love this music. So let me introduce you my radio. I hope you enjoy it. It is 24 7 365. always on air. I almost never speak. Only in some podcast. Please, if you like it, share the link to others, to your friends, to your family, to everybody... I hope you like this music, becouse if you are part of this forum, you like it. Thank you very much to everybody. Pleaswe, put my radio into your fovorites and listen to the music, if you don't like it remove it. Here the link is... thanks a lot.

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I'll give it a listen al...good luck with it.

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Thank you, Barry. I'll try to keep my head alive.

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