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Different Strokes, Nags Head Manchester

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Back at the same venue, steve and the Barefooting guys take on a new night with two rooms. The additional room added a new dimension to the venue, the crowd seemed to ebb and flow between the rooms through the night, but oth were well supproted. Another hightly enjoyable session for me with musical highlights including, Matty, and Phil Wainwright and Phil T, pitty I yet again failed to catch Steve C's set again! :sweatingbullets:

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Thanks to all the guest djs and punters, not a bad start at all..

Plenty more to come and some tweaking of the sound/ lighting and othger decor to improve the venue....

Cheers Geese and co for making the effort and the comments...

Onwards and upwards... Back in July..

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Just a quick word of thanks to Stevie and his co-promoters for having me down to play some tunes on Saturday. Still knackered after a long drive up that morning but nice to be at a cozy, dead friendly venue with good numbers in. (Thanks as ever to the usual suspects for your encouragement and support and T for the disabled parking bonus :thumbsup: )

Great to see some young folk buzzing about and to catch up with the likes of Phil Wainwright and one or two others I hadn't seen in ages. (I was ever so slightly daunted by the number of trendy haircuts on display though; always a toughie for someone going bald in their mid 40s who is deluded enough to think ridculous sideburns might hide the fact!).

One or two v minor glitches to iron out as Steve said but this'll go from strength to strength I reckon and if the first one was anything to go by you're guaranteed to hear something other than the same old same old... oh aye, the landlord is, erm, 'mad for it' too which has gotta help.

Will post a handful of plays elsewhere. Onwards and upwards lads :hatsoff2:



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