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Boogaloosoul - Last Night

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Thanks to all those who made it last night and a big THANK YOU to the djs who's musical tastes made it one of the best Boogaloosoul's. Haven't danced so much for ages.

Taking a summer break until the 3rd September.

Here's to the next 10 years.

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Would love to see some playlists , sorry I can't support you as I used to , being the other end of the country now its really difficult for me to get down to London too often.

Always loved my nights at Boogaloo , being a Greenwich girl on my dads side , it always felt very comfortable at this venue.

Add to that you had the Browns playing.... they always excite and deliver something special , lovely to see them on the circuit again along with Paul ... so lets have it , what did you play ?



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Here you go Carms:

11.00 - 11.30

Determinations - Bing bong - King

George Byrd - You better tell her so - Tangerine

Jarvis Jackson - Show me - Sims

Harvey Scales - Trackdown - Magic Touch

Larry Allen - Can't we talk it over - Green Dolphin

Ann Byers - I'm happy without you - Academy DJ

Roy Roberts - Got to have all your love - Boro

Curtis Lee - Is she in your town - Mira

Parliaments - Cry no more - Cabell

Skip Jackson & Shantons - I'm on to you girl - Dot-Mar

Truetones - He's got nerve - Soulville

Empires - You're on top girl - Candi DJ


Barbara Jean & Lyrics - Any two can play it - Big Hit

Gloria & T-Airas - I'm satisfied - Betty

Topics - Hey girl (where are you going) - Chadwick DJ

Revels - True love - Jamie DJ

Trips - Love can't be modernised - Soundville

Ellusions- You didn't have to leave - Lamon

Tyn Tymes - Baby I love you - Music Box

Moments - She said - Deep

Karmello brooks - Tell me, baby - Milestone Dj

Salt & Pepper - A man of my word - Heatwave

Dusty Wilson & Corals - It's going to be a tragedy - Mutt

Mel Britt - She'll come running back - Fip

Eddie Foster - I never knew - In

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