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Ad-Lib 50S/60S Club Lincoln"back To The Roots"

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Just popping in to say that the September 17th Ad-Lib Club night is another all-ticket sell out (subject to all outstanding reserved tickets being paid for).However if you are one of our regulars who for whatever reason haven't contacted us about the night (we do seem to be moving towards being an underground club notified by word-of-mouth like in the early 60s)then get in touch at 07989 717 043 and i'll see what i can sort out.Thanks Glenn.Remember no ticket-no entry.

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Most who follow our club nights will know we offer an "up for the "craic" of it spot during the night to our regular members who are djs/collectors.They give us their take on the early scene be it r&b/early soul/doo-wop/Jamaican r&b or ska. We are lucky enough to have been able to invite Joe Lakin (Horse & Groom)who has agreed to join our six resident djs for a night that will truely reflect our "Back to the Roots" music policy.

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All tickets now bought and paid for.This little club has really caught the imagination of folk who want to experience what the original early r&b/soul venues were like. Every night is a sell out..The atmosphere is unique.Folk who travel and stay over in Lincoln know they are going to get a full on night of excellent music in a full venue.Many get their tickets early for our events by joining our email "membership" list.(adlibsoul@yahoo.co.uk).Although we have a fantastic support base from the soul/r&b scene we don't want to take things for granted so we are always looking to alter/improve our nights.At present we have a few ideas for the September event which,if they come off,will give even greater value for money and enjoyment to those fortunate enough to have got a ticket.We will be selling tickets for our December 10th night on Sept.17th and these are going to have to be on a first -come-first served basis.as they are sure to go quickly.Dj set times/line ups to follow nearer the date.

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As promised a little bit of background information on the legend that is Joe Lakin !Many ,many on here will know all about Joe but some may be newer to the scene and hopefully will find this informative about a true stalwart of the soul scene.

Joe has agreed to play our "craic" spot on this night.He first got into the scene in the mid 60s and soon started building up a record collection.He started visiting clubs like the King Mojo and Twisted Wheel and saw many top American acts.

In 1967 he started djing at Doncasters Attic Club along with Peter Stringfellow,supporting such stars as Inez and Charlie Foxx,J.J.Jackson,Billy Stewart,Robert Parker and the list goes on.

His favourite artists are the Impressions and any gendre of soul.He started promoting in thelate 80s to the present day,djing at Bridlington Weekender R&B room and the Butlins Weekender.

I'm sure all at Ad-Lib are looking forward to Joes "take"on the early scene which our club trys to do justice to.

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We will be trying something a little different at the 17th September Ad-Lib.A second set of decks will be used in the cellar-bar lounge.The idea is to use them as background playing our music policy with the emphasis on the more chilled out side of our scene-cue Jamaican R&B,Doowop,easy on the ears early soul/r&b/hammond grooves.These will all be rare/underplayed with our policy of original vinyl only.It will mean if you want to chat,sit and drink in the lounge you wont be missing out on some fantastic vinyl from the 50,s and 60s.

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The reason we have to ticket our events is to ensure that those travelling will be certain of getting in.With folk coming from Glasgow,Stockport,Crewe,Bury,West Yorkshire,Doncaster,Peterborough,Chesterfield,Hull,Scunthorpe,Brigg,Cleethorpes,Sheffield you can see why !!If you are interested and want to know more about our nights/venue email us at adlibsoul@yahoo.co.uk or call 07989 717 043

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Dj times for the main room.

Martin Greene / Allan Swires 7.00 - 8.00

John Paul Leasing 8.00 - 8.30

Christian Scott/ Neill Firth 8.30 - 9.30

joe lakin (up for the "craic") 9.30 - 10.00

Martin Greene/ Allan Swires 10.00 - 11.00

John Paul Leasing 11.00 - 11.30

Christian Scott/Neill Firth 11.30 - Finish (usually 12.15am)

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Any one want to do a half-hour spot in the lounge-room on the 17th Sept.Ad-Lib night.Background music for those wanting to chill from the main room.Would particularly like to hear from those into early Jamaican R&B ('58 up to mid '60s would be great).Early 6os hammond grooves.50,s/early 60s DooWop.Easy on the ears early soul and r&b.The old-school black sounds adopted by the original mods before the music industry cottoned on and created sounds to suit them.07989 717 043

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Followers of our club will know that we try to give out as much information as we can relating to the djs who join in on the night by playing a half-hour spot with their take on the early scene.We are pleased to announce that one of these djs will be Clive Read from Crew who has offered to play a set of his original vinyl in our new lounge bar setup.These are Clives words that follow :As to what i,m going to play,well I like to mix it up a liitle so a bit of everything really,early jamaican,50,s/60,s slower tempo R&B,perhaps a smidgeon of latin & popcorn! I,ll leave the banging stuff ,til I,m " up for the craic"!!! My first experience of soul/R&B music was towards the end of the Wheel watching the likes of Junior walker and Edwin Starr followed by visits to the Torch, Catacombs and Blackpool Mecca. By the time Wigan Casino came round I,d had enough and took a 20 year sabbatical only to re-emerge at the Wyche in Nantwich during the mid 90,s. As far as R&B and associated music is concerned the penny didn,t drop ,til about 2005 in the R&B room at Prestatyn. It was only then I realised

why I had become disenchanted with a lot of so-called "Northern" soul and also why I had always liked The Rolling Stones and Chuck Berry!!! My current tastes vary quite dramatically,a good tune is a good tune, if it appeals, male/female,black/white,uptempo/mid-tempo,what ever floats my boat. At the moment I D.J. on the first saturday of the month at The Crosville Club in Crewe. This is a very well-attended "across the board" soul night which has been running for nigh on 11 years (www.soulclubcrewe.webs.com).In addition I have guested at The Hideaway and Out of the Blue in Manchester plus various other local nights.

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The popularity of this little r&b club is really something to be believed.All tickets for the night went quite a while ago but we decided to release some extra which have all gone so we are again a sell out +.We do have a policy of keeping a list of folk who can't get a ticket in case of any returns.Many people are already buying tickets for the Dec 10th night as they know that demand is always outstripping supply.Information on our nights can be obtained on our Facebook page or emailing adlibsoul@yahoo.co.uk For those coming to the Sept.17th night we will have Decembers tickets on sale.Thanks for your continuing support The Ad-Lib Crew

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