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New Retro 7Inch Record Case

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Hi there I've got some brand new retro 7 inch record case's comming next week these are from the man who used to work at the company in the 60's and 70's making the case's for decca and woolworths and such like.When he retired he took the componant patterns home with him for old time's sake as they were going to be skipped after the company went into recievership , these are made to same construction as used all those years ago even the p.v.c has been bought from wardle storeys who made the original vinyl.The first batch will be here next week and he's gone for the original black or burgandy colours ,if it takes off he will be doing the original paisley and various patten design.They will be the carry box's that hold thirty singles that are ideal for soul night's , nighters ,and record fairs or record buying trips he's only done a short run to test the water if anyone's intrested they are £10.00 each plus p&p although i don't know how much that will be yet any intrested give me a shout so i can hold them for you many thank's Simon. Can also be contacted on MADE IN BRITIAN!!!!!!

We've had a couple of ladies order these for taking with them to do'd for make up ect .....Strange.

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Hi farther Ted how you doing there not here till next week and I'll get one of the lads to put some on but judging by the response I think there'll all be gone see along the way mate Si

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