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Soul On Spotify?


Hey Guys/gals

Just signed up for a new Virgin Media TiVo box & noticed that Virgin have teamed up with Spotify & will bundle the service.

So was wondering if anyone knows what kind off Northern selection is available on Spotify?

Cheers ears.


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Not much is the short answer. Just the CDs you'd typically see in a big HMV (or used to!).

Quite a bit of good soul though.

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from what I've managed to find there seems to be a few mecca, torch, wigan oldies and quite a bit of Mowtown, Nothing special but worth a look.

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Shame that, cos it would work well straight from tv box into amp/speakers controlled with iPad, still, it's got a YouTube app, so plenty of Northern on that.

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Actually there is loads, and some less obvious like Premonitions, Parisians, Scotty Williams, Midniters, Loveables, Billy Quarles, Mixed Emotions, Loads of good 70's/80's, Lovers, Jimmy Helms, Two Plus Two Debra Dion, Kenny Young, Steve Mancha - the list goes on........................

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Through a spotify/facebook interface you can share i-tunes libraries with other users. Think you have to pay for this feature these days.

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