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12 X New Auctions; Margie Joseph, Gene Chandler, Temptations, Jackie Moore, Jean Carne, Jackie Moore, Phillip Mitchell (White Demos)

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Guest stash313

12 new auctions listed, all ending this coming Sunday 17th July. All end next sunday take a look here: http://tiny.cc/rdeqs'>http://tiny.cc/rdeqs

Margie Jospeh - Come On Back To Me Lover - Atlantic

Jackie Moore - This Time Baby - CBS

Jean Carn - Was That All it Was - PIR W/D

Jean Carn - If You Wanna Go Back - PIR W/D

Paul Sinbad - Do What You Wanna Do - Hype

Prince Phillip Mithcell - Top of the line L.P (includes 'Im So Happy') DEMO

Temptations - Aint To Proud To Beg - French Tamla Motown

Chuck Jackson - Ive Got The Need - All Platinum

Mr Day - Soul On Wax

Gene Chandler - there Was A Time - Brunswick

Richard Temple - That Beatin Rhythm - Jayboy (Signed by Jimmy Conwell)

The Spinners - Love Trippin - Atlantic (includes 'I Just Wanna Fall In Love')

All end next sunday for more information or to bid: http://tiny.cc/rdeqs'>http://tiny.cc/rdeqs

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Guest stash313

Only a couple of days left on this lot and loads of bargains here. You could snatch a great deal as many are without bids.

Keep an eye out on it!

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Guest stash313

Just over a day left to go on these. All end tomorrow evening (sunday)...

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Guest stash313

Ending in the next hour or so...

Take a look

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  1. Margie Joseph - Margie Lp
    Record Wants by Andykempster on Tue 19 May 2020
    • 3 / 426
    • Michael V on 20 May 2020
  2. Margie Joseph And Margie Hendrix
    Record Wants by Ollie Lailey on Mon 28 May 2007
    • 4 / 918
    • Chris Anderton on 29 May 2007
  3. Dee Dee Warwick + Margie Joseph
    Record Sales by Derek Pearson on Thu 23 Nov 2006
    • 5 / 665
    • Derek Pearson on 25 Nov 2006
  4. Margie Joseph Classic X-over
    Record Sales by Tony Treby on Sun 01 Apr 2018
    • 1 / 638
    • Tony Treby on 01 Apr 2018
  5. Margie Joseph
    Record Wants by pilgrimsoul on Mon 09 Feb 2015
    • 2 / 650
    • grant on 09 Feb 2015
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