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Stewartby Bedford - This Sat 3 Rd Sept

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Bedfordshires BIGGEST Northern Soul event !!

Join :







8pm-2am, large wooden dancefloor, comfortable lounge area & large well priced bar.


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We're back again this Saturday 3rd Sept. for another night of Northern Classics, a bit of Motown & good 70's dancers.

We don't play obscure chin stroker ploddin' dross...we play great sounds that get you on the dance floor.

If you've not been before :

No parking restrictions at all. Just park any where you want outside the building.

Loads of comfortable seating, some people say too comfortable.

Massive bar, good prices.

If you want to put down talc, no probs.

Smoking area right out front.

No stairs to climb.

Only a fiver to get in !

Hope to see you this Saturday.

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Guest gordon russell

Thought this night deserved a lookback.

Our little gang me,danny,john,irish, and the ladies just love the quality nighters out there and we,re there as often as possible,but given a soul night that kicks and we,ll be there as well,STEWARTBY is just such a night,potsy and hammie stood behind those decks with what looked to me like over 2,000 records between them. The venue is first class ie plenty of seating and plenty of dancefloor,but just the right size to give a good atmosphere with the right amount of people (around 80-150) last night my guess was about somewhere around the 100 mark.

When you can go and listen to music that have elements of nighters such as burnley,lifeline and radcliff ie uptempo,stupid rare,upfront and quality r&b,but blended with a proper cross the board playlist (and not a big name dj required) you have a super soul night.

A good turnout having a fun night listening to everything from the aspirations,lee mckinney ect right down to the marvelettes,elgins ect......l thought this would be almost imppossible to do......hammie and potsy do it with ease and the punters including us lot loved it......this has got to be the BEST soul night in a fifty mile radius on all counts.

Which brings me nicely onto my negative observation. There are numerous other soul nights within this radius (easily drivable,half hour or so ) yet not one of the promoters from these other venues bothers to attend thats from as near as lutterworth,kettering/rushden letchworth and the peterborough area....well remember if you want folk to attend yours then get off your arse and attend theirs (especially a night that can deliver this kinda music without a big name in sight ) and quite frankly lads they ain,t got anything YOU TWO ain,t got and you,ve got stuff they only dream of.

Lastly just like to say thanks to two fellas who can be bothered to put on a proper soul night......atb tezza

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I agree...First time for me at this event and thought it was superb. Great venue / sound system and some AMAZING records heard with hundreds of others on hand to cater for many requests seen through the evening.

Enough records I knew to reassure me I'm learning a bit more about soul as the months tick tick by and as I attend more events within a 150 mile radius, but PLENTY I'd never heard and would never be able to own (which is exactly how it should be)...all of which complimented each other really well I thought.

I only heard Hammie & Pottsy for the first time earlier this year and feel very fortunate that they (along with Dave Vanner & Len Dopson) have kindly agreed to support a soul night in Northants the weekend before their 3rd anniversary at Stewartby this November.

All the best, Steve.

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Oi Terry,

please dont include me in your observations,i may live in Letchworth(only just),as you know i TRAVEL to venues,local nights sadly dont interest me,only full on nighters,

Appently there were 2 nights on in the Bedford area last night,both promoters i know well,so as not to offend either of them i did not go to either event,but had a ball elsewhere far far away as you know being a child of the night.

Hope you and Jan are well,see ya soon no doubt at some godforsaken place far far away


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