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mrs soul

Juct 17 Quailty All The Way

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I thouroughly enjoyed the music which I have to say was brilliant all nite long, not one bad tune was played, but there again with residents Chic and pete , their guest for the evening were. Dave Welding. Woody, and Tony Foster. how could it possibly be otherwise, I noticed a few familer faces missing :wave:

now I have quite a bit on my plate at the mommento, however legs are good at momment so, I graced the floor quite a few times, and if I could have,I would have danced to everything :yes: so I am bewildered to the fact not many danced :hypo: seems a shame to let good music go by unoticed, hard for the DJ,s aswell,just wondered what thats all about? might be me , perhaps I know more tunes or perhaps thats how it goes sometimes, please tell me!

putting that aside, it was still a great soulful experaince, and one which I know I can get every time at jct 17, have to thank dave and John even though I scared the shit out of them when I though woody was gonna run a rabbit over, and thanks for yr company as mine was not too hot :hypocrite:

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Hello Lou,

I've just read your comments, & also Tony Fosters excellent playlist on another thread (Playlists.) As you know myself & Ann cannot attend any venues at the moment due to medical problems, but I find it very saddening when people shun the dancefloor, when excellent records are played. I thought that this venue championed the underplayed / semi known type of sound as well as the "known stuff" so why the lack in dancefloor action, & the lack of postings on here as well. If you were there & you have any comments to add, myself & Lou would be happy to know if a problem exists.

Regards Ritchie & Ann. :thumbsup:

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Hi Pete & Chic, the music was brill allnight, a few faces down on a normal night, but i think it might be because of holidays, as for dancing my chips & peas

( Knees ) are knackered, so i just listen now and enjoy the music, great night see you next month, cheers Jim.

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was fine for me - numbers down due to hollidays

i usually have a dance but was hopefully trying yo sell some records (failed_

also bit down as the super Alex lost @ swindle (Sorry Swindon)

as annie had pulled a muscle in her back-so had to go alone

all top music as normal

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Guest porky yorkie

Hi ya Guys,

Well let me just say this was Liz and my first visit to your venue and had plenty of time on the dance floor, some music was played that we didn't know but that do's not mean that we didn't appreciate what was played. We did a lot of foot tappin' also.

WE WILL BE BACK for more helpings.

Pete n Liz

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Ritchie you of all people dont need to explain anything as no body else has to, I was just a bit dismayed as to why, are we really all old buggers now :ohmy: well suppose we are, but..if I can get MY fat arse on the floor well there you go.I am a very passionate lady when it comes to my music, and I expect everyone to be the same as me,and every time I go to juction 17 I know I am goin to hear the music that I love , I was wondering if we are getting older we are becoming a listening crowd instead of a dancing crowd, which in a way is going to be true to some extent, it seemed such a shame to let good music go by with little reaction, I am a clapper, not a slapper befor you say anything, and always like to show my reaction and support to anything that I think is worthwhile! Jct 17 is one of my favourite venues which I cant always get to every one, but it is a trend that I have noticed of late at a lot of clubs unless yr at a niter..so with that in mind , I say keep up the good hard work that Chic and Pete do to give us soulies a great experience and even enlightening us somewhat :D:thumbup: long may it continue, and jct 17 will always have my support, cos its worth it,

ps Dave the Welding dont forget I need sum tunage so you better get digging for me :hatsoff2:

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