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jez jones

Soul Or Nothing And Barefootin.. Manchester. Sat Aug 6Th

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Have to say we had another buzzing night again at this venue.Great bunch of folk out for a good time. 2 rooms to chose both offering great tunes with appreciative crowd up for dancing and good times. Personally spent a bit of time listening to some cracking uptempo in ya face tunes in the Barefootin room---wants list just got bigger ---well done lads .

Mustn't forget t'other room though------some banging tracks were played in there also

If ya aint been this event is well worth a punt--guaranteed a warm welcome and ample opportunities to hit the floor to some awesome dancing music

..here's to the next instalment....

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Had a fantastic time in Manchester this weekend, which was rounded off by the great different strokes events.

Gutted to have missed the first two. Always like to get over to Manc and support my mates. Plus you know anything steve's involved in will be a good do.

Set up wise I think this two room approach is spot on. Such a refreshing music policy in both too. The emphasis is very much on the music and enjoyment. No politics, just people playing from where it counts.

Have to say I enjoyed both rooms as much as each other. Up tempo dancers in barefootin room and some awsome moody soul in soul of nothing room. I thought all dj's played well (massive apologies to Mace for managing to somehow miss both your spots!!).

Gumbo and Roddy were on fire in the barefootin room, and i thought Matt and Paul played some great stuff in t'other room, playing with freedom and enjoying it. As it should be!!

The residents do a great job of playing round their guests and adding their own dimension to a nice that offers so much variety, whilst not allowing it to get scatty and all over the place.

Shame numbers were down slightly on previous months, to be expected with holidays etc. Still, that said, very respectable numbers through the door, and as word gets round about this place it'll only lead to more.

My only one very small quibble about this place was dancefloor in barefootin room was a tad too slippy for my liking. Just gonna bring some slightly gripper shoes next time cos if that's the only thing wrong then you're doing bloody well with the event that's for sure!

Thanks for inviting me down to play lads, had an absolute ball.

Dave Thorley on at the next one too ya say?! Go on then, I'm there.


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