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Blackhearts Anniversary

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:) Wow what a stunning night a wide variety of sounds from the soul scene, Mark, Kyp and Ted kept the floor busy with the variety that has become the Blackhearts trade mark! A real something for everyone night! Girl blunder and I enjoyed ourselves so much, very reminiscent of the clubs we went to in our "youf" :g:

Congratulations Mitch and Casper for a very profesional venue that pleases everyone. i really liked the card suit posters, you think of everything! :D

It seemed like some of the best dancers in the East Midlands were in attendance and showed lots of high energy and skill. Highlights for me were definitely a certain Mr Piper who showed his skills with a wry sense of humour at times! A real entertainer and crowd pleaser, I can't remember when I have laughed so much! :lol: What a star! Even messing about you are better than all the rest, brilliant!!! :thumbsup:

Also Ted Massey, no disrespect intended to other DJ's but man oh man what a great set and the dance floor was solid throughout - we should have video'd it as a lesson to DJ's every where. That's how to do it! :wicked:

Finally the best of all - meeting all those friends old and new. Truly what the scene is all about and typified by Blackhearts. If you haven't been yet pencil it in you won't be dissappointed!

the very best of Black soul music with the biggest of Hearts :thumbup:

just love you guys! :hatsoff2:

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Soul Bros inc, Ray Agee, Sam Ambrose, Al Foster, ... right through to Major Lance. the sounds were so varied , it made last night quite wonderful. well done Pete & Mitch for the first year. sorry we didnt stay 'til the end, i finished work at 7, then it was literally a mad dash home, change, then out! I was shattered.

great night indeed,

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Absolutely agree with all thats been said,the evening totally blew me away,and the sounds(well think of your favourite all nighter and times it by ten)they were brilliant,and yes the dancing,was in fact amazin I for one could'nt compete so I did'nt try,Carl your still the best and retain your crown mate.

But to sum up,for Mitch n Mel & Pete n susan,your an awesome team that have IT very well done :thumbup: KTF Gigs

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Guest soul over easy

fantastic turn out last night for two great guys,blackhearts is quickly establishing itself as top venue in the east mids, nice to see so many friends in attendance from the west mids and yorkshire, just shows the respect mitch and casper have gained in their first year. ...best record of the night spun by mitch MARSHA GEE / BABY I NEED YOU brought back memories for me did that one, and another thats rarely played round this area....ktf tommo.

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What a fabulous night :thumbsup: ..............All the dj's played a fantastic mix of tunes & one of my all time fav's The Antellects, :thumbup: there was something for everyone :yes:

All i can say is well done to Pete/Susan & Mitch/Mel, the Blackhearts team :hatsoff2:

See you all soon, :wave:

Debbie x

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What an excellent night. The place was buzzing with like minded people all there to support and appreciate a venue run by 2 of the nicest guys on the scene. A good mixture of stuff played and a busy floor all night long which is always a good barometer as to how good a night is. Ted was a diamond amidst the quartz and played some awesome tracks - 'You Left Me' - doesn't get played enough but that makes it even more special when it is. Mitch, Casper ( Mel & Sue ) love you all and as many have already said and more will say - not broke don't fix it.


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Great night great music big thanks to ted for playing Montclairs hey you don't fight it :hatsoff2: I had a ball with the soul family :thumbup:

soulfun and love sam

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Big thanks to Pete and Mitch for asking me to play at the anniversary looks like you have a really sucessful club there lads. a big thanks to my fellow dj's who all played brilliant spots and Don Gardner made my night Mark any way Pete and Mitch asked for a play list mainly oldies but thats what the night required no particular order

Lorraine Chandler I cant change

Magnetics Lady in green

Eddie parker Im gone

Salvadors Stick by me baby

Cecil Washington I don't like to loose

Soul Bros Inc Pyramid

Monclairs Hey you

Donna King Take me home

Ray Agee Im losing again

Harevy Averne Never learned to dance

Mel Britt

Yvonne Baker

Rita and the Tiaras

Sonatas going down the road

Antellects Love slave

Checker Board Squares

Freddie Chavez They'll never know why

Aspirations You left me

Lenny Curtis Nothing can help us now

Gerri Hall Who you gonna run to

Magnetics I have a girl

Seven Souls I still love you

Lou Pride Coming home

Vondells Hey girl youve changed

Robert Tanner Sweet memories

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Well how do you respond to such fantastic feedbacks :D Firstly me and Casper would to thank Ted, Kyp & Mark for three excellent DJ spots which kept the dancefloor busy all night and to all the Soulies who came down to support us on our first anniversay :yes: I knew from when the first people arrived it was going to be a special night,but it exceeded all my expectations :ohmy: Me and Casper have strived hard to make the Blackhearts Soul Club a good venue to visit in the midlands and hope this shows in our music policy :wink: Again a big thankyou to all of you and hope to see you in September or at our allnighter in October.

KTF Mitch n' Mel & Casper n' Susan


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Well first time at The Blackhearts......Good to catch up with people from way back enjoyed the sets from all the DJ's on a very hot night.....I will be back in the future well done to the promoters on 1st year...........and lost me voice.....I wonder why.

Regards Mal

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well as Mitch has already said.. great thanks to Ted , Kyp and Mark for such varied and wonderful sets last night , you did us proud , but it has also to be said , over the last year we have had awsome dj's on every time,from local to national , all have played so well and helped make "Blackhearts" a venue we are proud of... and as for our following which grows a little every month,.... you have been so very , very supportive, ... you lovely lot :thumbsup: and thanks too to other local long standing promoters who have given advice and encouragement from the word go ...

last night was superb ...with travellers from all over the place.... a taste of what we hope the "all nighter" in October will be .. :yes:

pete n' susan , mitch n' mel

Edited by casper

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Ditto to everything that's allready been said, had a fantastic night, great sounds, great people, great atmosphere. Thanks Pete, Gina, Nigel and Elaine for coming along with us in the car. Thanks Casper for introducing me to Ted, :hatsoff2: to finally put a face to a name and thanks Ted for playing a great spot, as did all the d.j.'s, till next time, can't wait, Barry and Ann, KGB, KTF. :thumbsup:

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Just like to thank you all for the warm welcome at BH soul club, great night of northern soul, used to DJ in notts in the 70s loved notts ! love the venue will be back next month ......

Nigel & Elaine

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What a great night! and deservedly so. The Black Hearts team have put a lot of effort into making this venue a success and after twelve months it all culminated in a spectacular first anniversary last night. It was great to hear some of those tunes that have managed to escape the efforts of those who would make more copies available. Looking around the room it was evident that everyone was having a great time. The fact that people had travelled from far and wide just added to the atmosphere. Sheilz loves the Notts do's cause they play Kick Ass tunes!

Thanks to Mel for the cakes (I don't think Mitch was the cook). Here's to another great year of dancing with the devil! Hope to be DJing for you again soon.

All the best Dave and Sheilz

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Wow fantastic brilliant great blackhearts give yourself a pat on your back had a fantastic time with kicking off the night whilst passing on the raines to two great guess djs .Kyp getting the place bouncing with a great selection of classic soul dancers, whilst Ted kept too his flawless supply of rarities and quality soul 45s (lady in green did it for me SUPREB).Casper and Mitch last but not least giving black hearts the sounds that’s made the club one of my favourites in the midlands

Keep it going guys

my play list 8-9pm

mickey woods they call me cupid tamla

wilbur walton jnr twenty four hours of loneliness 123

jackie wilson haunted house brunswick

johnnie taylor rome sar

jonhhy nash glad your my baby mgm

walter jackson thats what mama say okeh

steinways youve been leading me on oliver

bob relf blowing my mind to pieces trans american

marie knight come on baby okeh

wanda rouzan would you love me frisco

tan geers let my heart and soul be free okeh

patti / emblems im gonna love you a long long time kapp

anita humes what did i do ? roulette

ronnie milsap a thousand miles from nowhere scepter

celestrals i feel it coming on don el

ellusions you didnt have to leave me lamon

volcanos help wanted artic

diplomats cards on the table arock

l.allen cant we talk it over green dolphin

mamselles open up your heart abc

don gardner cheatin time sedgrick

johhny hampton not my girl dottys

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Thanks to Blackhearts for inviting me to dj at their first anniversary,always a pleasure working with the team,cheers to everyone who had a dance to what i played on the night,sent shivers down me when i got a few applause for tunes that i was spinning,really sure that djs appreciate that when it happens 'cause i can assure soulies that come to events dj-ing is not as easy as some folk think.These are my -''Up-in-space-and-in-yer-face'' golden oldies mostly in this order.KOKO-kyp on keeping on.

Vibrations.....'Cause your mine

Sam and Kitty.....Ive got something good

Gems.....Ill be there

Marlena Shaw.....Lets wade in the water

Wilson Pickett.....Let me be your boy

Ad Libs.....Johnny my boy

Ambers.....I love you

Showmen.....Our love will grow

Hesitations.....Im not built that way

Ike and Tina Turner.....Dust my broom

Jimmy Robins.....I cant please you


Rex Garvin.....Sock it to'em JB

Mamie Galore.....It aint necessary

Major Lance.....Aint no soul

Spellbinders.....Help me

Herb Fame.....Youre messing up my mind

Darrell Banks.....Our love is in the pocket

Tony Clarke.....Landslide

Joy Lovejoy.....In orbit

Timi Yuro.....I aint gonna cry anymore

Melba Moore.....The Magic touch

Precisions.....If this is love

Ketty Lester.....Some things are better left unsaid.

Northern soul-do we love it.......KYP THE FAITH.

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