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George Jackson Lives! 18/08/04

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Another night of quality rare soul at SMERSH. Many thanks to guest Paul Thrower for a fantastic set of records. Watch out for the next one on September 15th. If you haven't been - here is a representative sample of the sort of thing you'll hear. Not in any particular order.

Gareth X's Top Ten Selection

1. Al Johnson "Love Waits For No Man" (South Camp)

2. Lee Brackett "Ruby" (Excello)

3. The Internationals "Lead Me On" (Spring)

4. Benny Harper "My Prayer" (Harper Soul)

5. Teacher's Edition "It Helps To Make You Strong" (Hi)

6. Kim Tolliver "I'm Losing The Feeling" (Chess)

7. Freddie Hughes "We Got To Keep On" (Wand)

8. Sam Dees "Can You Be A One Man Woman" (Chess)

9. Lou Bond "Why Must Our Eyes Always Be Turned Backwards" (We Produce)

10. Jerry Washington "I Won't Keep You Hanging" (Excello)

Anthony's Top Ten

1. Knight Brothers - Tried So Hard To Please Her (Mercury)

2. Willie Tee - First Taste of Hurt (Gatur)

3. Bobby King & Relation - Don't Give Up Hope (Lunar)

4. Tommy Turner - I'll Be Gone (ElBam!)

5. Little Sherman & The Mod Swingers - The Price of Love (ABC)

6. Connie Laverne - Can't Live Without You (GSF)

7. Jan Jones - Independent Woman (Day-Wood)

8. Phyllis Hyman - Baby I'm Gonna Love You (Desert Moon)

9. The Exits - Under The Street Lamp (Gemini)

10. Dorothy Morrison - I Can't Go Without You (Brown Door)

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