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New Rare Sales List + Reduced Prices From Last List

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Please PM if interested. Paypal (+ 4%) or cheque / bank transfer.

P&p UK £2 recorded or £5 special, overseas please pm


JELLY BEANS - YOU DON'T MEAN ME NO GOOD (ESKEE multi coloured) £155 Vinyl M- (very slight wear on label one side and x)



Don Thomas - Come on trains (NUVJ white promo) M £125

Barbara Dane - I'm on my way (3 Trey ) M £125

Lavern Baker - Wrapped Tied an tangled (Brunswick issue) M £125 SOLD

Frances Nero - Keep on lovin me (Soul) M- drill hole £90

Stoppers - Come back baby (Jubilee ISSUE) EX+ £100

Reductions from last list:-

60's originals :-

Get off my back - Marvin L Sims (Revue) £55 EX (drill hole) now £50

Standing Tall / Lively Ones - Brookes O Dell £65 (Columbia W/demo) EX (very small wol) now £60

All of my life - Detroit Soul (Music Town) £90 EX defo original STAMPED nashville matrix) LOVELY COPY, BARGAIN

Keep coming back for more - Lorraine Rudolph (Jetstream) £30 M-

Without a doubt - Major lance (okeh w/demo) £45 M-

My poor heart - Sunlovers (Breakthrough) £85 M- (rarer label £150 in Manship guide) now £80

Stop and take a look at yourself - Shalimars (Verve ISSUE )M- £40 Lovely copy rarer on issue

You better watch out - Dorothy Berry (Planetary) M- £65 great 6t's

Is there anything I can do - 4 tops (French EP 7 rooms of gloom) M- £55 now £50

Walkin Back - Roddie Joy (Parkway) d/hole £20 M-

Envy - Orlons (Cameo w/demo) M- £60 lovely white demo

She never really loved me - Appreciations (Sport) very small felt tip on bside £45 m- (brill detroit)

Don't forget that i love you - Intentions (phillips) drill hole (great 60's midtempo) m- £35

Sure thing - Helene Smith (deep city) M- £35 now £30

Be yourself - Companians (GA green lable) EX £25

Hows your new love treating you - Debonaires (Golden World) M- £20 ON HOLD !!!!

Give back you lovin' - Don Trotter (Utopia) M- £65 (brillant and forgotten oldie)

You can't bypass love - Hesitations (Kapp) Ex (x on label) £40

That's my girl - Porgy and the monarchs (Sylves) M- £30

If you havent got love - Masterkeys (Sport) M- £55 (sheer class 60's detroit)

I can feel him slipping away - Mamie Lee (MGM ISSUE) £60 EX+ nice issue copy NOW £55 BARGAIN!

Just a thing called love / A big mistake - John Parker (Brunswick blue promo) M- (fantastic 60's/crossover) comp slv £65

Baby i like it - Godoy Colbert (Revue) M- £60

You want to change me - Bobby Hebb (Phillips drill hole) £30 Ex+

Is this the way to treat a girl - Hesitations (GWP) EX £40 (indemand crossover 60's)

R&B :-

Hungry Man - Titus Turner (Atlantic white demo) £40 M- Brilliant R&B and rare on demo! ON HOLD!

It it's news to you - Little Esther (Savoy) M- hard to find in this condition! stonking r&B £50 NOW £45 ON HOLD!!

Walk Ginny Walk - Lenny Johnson (Bethleham) small label tear EX £85 NOW £80

Shadrach Meshack and Abednego - Wanderers (CUB) M £25 old mod r&b spin great! NOW £20

I'm never gonna cry again - Roberta Daye (Abner) great popcorn r&b Ex 75 (£150 in Mannys guide) NOW £70

I say that's alright - Roosevelt Jones (SOM) V rare 1st issue Ex- £35 (£100 manship)

I'll love you till the cows come home - Clyde Mcphatter (PIC SLEEVE EX) £30 (BRILL R&B) ON HOLD!!


I'm in love with you - Entertainers (HMC) M- £10

What you're looking for is here - Michael Prowtle (Castle) M- £20 NOW £15

All I want is you - four flights (Almeria) M- £20 SOLD

Reissues :-

Not the marrying kind - Keni Lewis M rare press of unissued tune £40

You really made it good / Ain't that love enough - Ty Karim (Ebony) £45 Ex

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Top man. Thanks for a great deal on Lavern Baker! You have some good prices there.

All the best, Steve.

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Top man. Thanks for a great deal on Lavern Baker! You have some good prices there.

All the best, Steve.

Thanks Steve, my pleasure. List updated

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