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Guest Ines

A Few Wants: Elois Scott, Just Us, Domestic Five

Guest Ines

Any help finding these would be greatly appreciated!

Elois Scott - Broadway Love

Just Us - We've Got A Good Thing Going b/w How I Love You

Domestic Five - It's An Empty World

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Do you have a list of these Bob?

domestic five

soul in-pressions

ultimate ovation

calvin golden (this also comes with two label designs, both are a red label and not the colorful one, but it is the same label)

and there is a pop record on the label that I can't remember what it is right now. I think that's all the titles but if there were more pop records I wouldn't know.

also, I've been told this label has no connection to the detroit Saquarius label that purple snow is on.

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Many thanks Bob. I've also got the Ultimate Ovation on another label (ultimate 1999) do you know which came first?

I think aquarius is the first label for the ultimate ovation, just because all their other records came out on their ultimate 1999 label. I managed to collect the full discography 001-1008 of ultimate 1999, i posted it in another thread if you want to search for it.

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