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Chris Anderton

Midas Touch List 85- Just Back From Usa

PLEASE EMAIL ALL ORDERS TO chris.soul@btinternet.com

Hi Guys,

Welcome along to list 85. Just back from another successful trip Stateside so expect some goodies in the next from months!

Sales CDs are always popular, they usually come out a few days before the main list is sent out. The Cds feature a sample of around 60 of the tracks from the main list, giving you first chane to buy the tracks you want and also enabling you to hear some tunes that may be new to you. You get 3x monthly CDs for only £5.00. I accept paypal to the usual address or you can send a cheque/ cash to the address listed below.

Grading is as follows......

M Faultless/ Probably unplayed

E Few light marks, still a nice copy

vg More marks, maybe some surface noise but plays thru ok

I will also use + or minus to indicate grades in more detail. I also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any record for any reason, so please buy with confidence.

Payment, I accept paypal to this address chris.soul@btinternet.com or you can send cash/ cheque to; Chris Anderton, 1 Jackson Av, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6LL. I will now also accept a direct bank transfer, this saves the hassle of sending a cheque or needless paypal fees.Postage costs are... £2.20 recorded (only insured up to £39) or £5.80 by special delivery in the UK (fully insured up to £1000). Overseas £2.20 airmail or £5.80 signed for airmail, ask if you need insurance.

Just a reminder that you can listen to my "Dab of soul" radio on www.thisthecat.com every Monday 21.00-23.00. First hour 60s,second hour 70s...oldies, crossover, newies, underplayed stuff, its all in there somewhere! If you cant listen live listen anytime by clicking the "Listen again" feature and select the show. Send me an email in the studio if you are listening at studio@thisisthecat.com .

The next "Dab of Soul" Night will be the second one at our new venue, the Crown Hotel, High St, Nantwich. The venue is fantastic and really has to be seen to be believed! The next date at the Crown will be Friday November 18th with Guest DJs Dave Ripolles and Flanny. 8.30-1.00am, £5.00 OTD. Easy parking. Music policy as always is 70s/crossover with a dab of midtempo quality 60s soul. Record dealers welcome. Always a top night!

1.Charles Johnson-Never had a love so good-Alston M- 300

(All time classic, last 30 seconds still send shivers)

2. Emanuel Taylor-You really got a hold on me-Bernard stkr E 200

3.Vonciel Myers-It wont be easy-Gaynote M- 450

(70s soul monster)

4.The Dells-Run for cover-Cadet M- 50

(Very hard to find in this condition)

5.The Vibrations-Shake it up-Chess M- 250

(Indemand...lovely condition)

6.Michael and Continentals-Little school girl-Audio fidelity WD M- 70

7.Garland Green-Girl I love you/ It rained..-Revue M- 120

(Lovely looking copy...a true classic)

8.Jackie and Tonettes-The proof of your love-D-town M 75

(Nice Detroit double-sider)

9.J.B Troy-Live on-Musicor vg+ 75

10.Gene Redding-I need your lovin`-Bell demo M- 75

(Stunning crossover-a personal fave)

11.11th Commandment-Why are you so hard to forget-Chess M- 30

(Great girly crossover)

12.The Capitols-Dont say maybe baby-Karen E+ 50

13.Billy Preston-The Girls got it-Capitol E 50

(Storming uptempo soul, few light marks, plays fine)

14.Deon Jackson-Thats what you do to me-Carla M- 50

(Lovely copy...always indemand)

15.Dean Parrish-Determination-Boom WD M- 75

(Great Minty white demo)

16.The Perfections-So lonely-Big B vg+ 275

17.Laura Johnson- Wondering if you missed me-Brent WD E 75

18.Bernie Moore-Oh No-SSI E 40

(Great Chicago crossover)

19.Mary Johnson-These tears-Foxy E 75

(Books at 400...nice R&B style tune)

20.Holland Dozier-New breed kinda woman-Invictus M- 40

(Two great sides “If you don’t wanna be in my life”)

21.Del Royals-Man of value-Mercury E+ 25

(Great version)

22.Donald Height-Three hundred and sixty five days-Shout E+ 25

23.Margie Joseph-One more chance-Volt WD M- 85

24.Billy Proctor-I can take it all-Soul E+ 35

25.Keni Lewis-Aint gonna make it easy-De-val M- 40

26.Marvin Smith-Who will do your running now-Mayfield vg+ 40

(Plays fine)

27.Demitriss Tapp-Let go of my heart-Brunswick M- 20

28.Gladys Knight-Stop and get a hold of myself-Maxx E+ 40

29.Margie Joseph-I`ll always love you-Volt M 50

(Really great crossover soul from this great artist)

30.The Wanderers-Somebody elses Sweetheart E 25

(Ray Pollard on a subline vocal)

31.Mel and Tim-Forever and a day-Stax M- 70

32.Judy Clay-You busted my mind-Scepter M- 20

33.ET White and Potential band-Loosen up-Great potential M 100

34.Barrino Bros-Trapped in a love-Invictus M- 40

(Brilkliant 70s dancer)

35.Jackie Ross-Keep your chin up-Brunswick M-35

36.McFadden and Whitehead-Aint no stopping us now (Phillies)-TSOP WD E+15

(Phillies mix-Soul Sam spin)

37.Little Carl Carlton-Competition aint nothing-Backbeat E+ 15

38.Billy Stewart-A fat boy can cry/Count me out-Chess E+ 50

(Superb and hard to find double sider)

39.The Commands-Hey its love-Backbeat E+ 40

40.Varetta Dillard-If you want to be my baby-Groove M- 40

(Great R&B dancer)

41.The Blues groove-I believe in you-Verve M- 30

42.Willie Walker-You`re running too fast-Checker E 20

(Superb mid-tempo)

43.Amanda Love-You keep calling me by her name-Starville vg+ 25

(Plays great)

44.The Wildweeds-Cant you see that I`m lonely-Cadet E 15

(Brill 60s dancer, needs spins)

45.Mike Jemison-0I want some satisfaction-Geneva E+ 20

(Wonderful uptempo 70s dancer)

46.The Invitations-Look on the good side-Silver blue WD E+ 25

(Lovely demo of this great track)

47.Jesus Alvarez-Please stay don’t go-Vibration M 30

48.The Moments-Nine times-Stang M- 5

49.Lee Andrews-Quiet as it`s kept-RCA WD E 15

50.Johnny Nash-Love aint nothing`-Argo E+ 30

Just a reminder that you can listen to my "Dab of soul" radio on www.thisthecat.com every Monday 21.00-23.00. First hour 60s,second hour 70s...oldies, crossover, newies, underplayed stuff, its all in there somewhere! If you cant listen live listen anytime by clicking the "Listen again" feature and select the show. Send me an email in the studio if you are listening at studio@thisisthecat.com

51.Junior Parker-I`m so satisfied-Bluerock M- 25

(Lovely mid-tempo)

52.Dyke and Blazers-Runaway people-Original sound E+ 30

53.Gene Chandler-After the laughter-Checker E+ 15

(Simply superb, every home should have one!)

54.Alton and Johnny-Hang on in there baby-Polydor E+ 30

(Great version, big modern anthem spins)

55.Jackie Lee-Would you believe-Mirwood E+ 15

(Brilliant Mirwood)

56.Isley Bros-Why when love has gone-Tamla M- 25

(Evergreen Northern floor-packer)

57.The Moments-Hurts on me baby-Stang E+ 10

(Dont be fooled..60s mid-pacer of the highest order)

58.Billy McGreggor-Mr Shy-Flash M 15

(Wonderful Chicago mid-tempo)

59.Phillip Mitchell-One on one-Atlantic M 25

60.Freddy Scott-Got what i need-Shout E+ 20

(Getting spins..at last!)

61.J.R Bailey-Love wont wear off-Calla E- 25

62.The Independents-I love you yes i do-Wand E+ 15

63.Miss Madeline-Behave yourself-Marvlus E+ 20

(2 Great sides “Lonely girl” even better on flip)

64.Sons of Robin Stone-Got to get you back-Atco E+ 15

65.Jean and Joe-You`re all i need-Dot WD M 25

66.Bobby Womack-Tried and convicted-Minit E+ 15

(Still sounds great)

67.Dave Howard-In room 202-Choreo WD M 30

68.The Dells-On the Dock of the bay-Cadet M 15

(Getting big spins in the East mids)

69.Eddie Kendricks-Date with the rain-Tamla E+ 40

70.The Leaders-You are the one i love-Blue rock E+ 25

71.The Artistics-I`ll always love you/Love song-Brunswick E+ 15

(Backed with the equally brill “Love song”)

72.Junior Walker-Good Rockin`-Harvey demo E+ 50

73.Cornelius bros-Too late to turn back now-UA E+ 5

(So so good...and still only a fiver)

74.Gwen Stacey-Lonely girl-RCA WD E 30

(Few marks, plays great)

75.Gene Chandler-Without you here-Curtom E 40

76.Brenda Holloway-Starting the hurt all over again-Tamla E+ 20

(Rarer “globes” label design)

77.Major Lance-You`re everything I need-Osiris M 20

78.Johnny Newbag-Sweet thing-Port WD E+ 40

79.Geraldine Hunt-Never ever leave me-Roulette WD M- 25

(Simply wonderful)

80.Bobby Bland-These hands small but mighty-Duke E+ 8

81.Little Jerry Williams-I am the lover man-Southern sounds E+ 30

(Flew out last time, be quick)

82.Ebony Jam-Ride on-Amos M- 40

83.The Noble Knights-Sing a simple song-Cotillion vg+ 20

84.The TSU Toronadoes-What good am I-Atlantic M 25

(Brill, needs more spins)

85.The Manhattans-Give him up-Deluxe E+ 8

86.Hearts of Stone-If I could give you my world-VIP WD M- 20

87.The Dells-Show me-Cadet M 10

88.Johnny Gilliam-Tell your friend its over-Cancer M- 15

89.Vi Campbell-Seven doors-Peacock M- 30

90.GQ-Make my dreams a reality-Arista WD M 10

91.Doni Burdick-Candle-Soul king M 25

(First issue of this Detroit prev. Unissued cut)

92.Jerry Butler-Lets make love- PIR WD E+ 15

(So so good..Ice man meets Philly..wow!)

93.Truth-Come on back-SOC M- 10

94.Lowell Fulsom-Talkin woman-Kent E+ 15

95.Bobby Patterson-I`m in love with you-Jetstar M- 70

(Nive Yellow vinyl copy)

96.Doris Duke-Congratulations baby-RRG E+ 10

97.Ted Taylor-Something strange is going on-Ronn E+ 15

98.Jimmy Ruffin-I will never let you get away- Motown UK M- 10

(Big spins...love this tune)

99.Clyde Brown-Crying man-Atlantic WD M- 15

100.The Caesars-Lala I love you-Lanie E+ 30

(Recent biggie)

101.The Continental Four-The way I love you-Jay walking E+ 20

102.Geater Davis-My love is so strong for you-House of orange M- 40

103.Beverly and Duane-You belong to me-Brown bomber M- 65

104.Chuck Colbert and Viewpoint-Stay-Callier vg+ 75

105.Jimmy Williams-Standing here-Dynavoice WD E+ 20

106.Jackey Beavers-Hold on-SS7 M- 25

(Great funky Northern)

107.The Impalas-Think it over girl-Down to earth E+ 10

108.All the People-I wish I had a girl like you-Blue candle E+ 10

109.Billy Cole-Extra careful-Power exchange UK M- 30

110.The Delcos-Arabia-Ebony M- 50

(The rarer and better version)

111.Johnny Taylor-Who`s making love-Stax E+ 5

112.The Superlatives-Lonely in a crowd-Westbound M 10

113.Wilson Pickett-I want you-EMI M 15

(Big “Dab” spin for Dave)

114.Five Stairsteps-Little young lover-Curtom M- 10

115.Edwin Starr-Time/ Running back and forth-Gordy E+ 20

116.The Gees-Its all over-Port WD M- 50

(Lovely looking white demo)

117.Nino Tempo-Sister James-A&M E+ 8

118.Tony and Tandy-Bitter with the sweet-Cotillion WD M- 30

119.Barbara Hall-You brought it on yourself-Innovation M 20

(Brill uptempo 70s)

120.Art Wheeler-Coming attractions-Dot WD M 10

Just a reminder that you can listen to my "Dab of soul" radio on www.thisthecat.com every Monday 21.00-23.00. First hour 60s,second hour 70s...oldies, crossover, newies, underplayed stuff, its all in there somewhere! If you cant listen live listen anytime by clicking the "Listen again" feature and select the show. Send me an email in the studio if you are listening at studio@thisisthecat.com


121.Timi Yuro-Something on my mind-Liberty E+ 40

(Inc. It`ll never be over for me)

122.Popcorn Wylie-Extrasensory Perception-ABC E+ 60

(Inc. How did I lose you/ I can take the world on with you)

123.The Cate Bros-In one eye and out the other-Asylum E+ 15

(Inc. Can`t stop)

124.Gladyk Knight-Help me make it through the night-UK Motown E+ 15

(Inc. Aint you glad you chose love)

125.Chuck Jackson-Teardrops keep falling on my heart-VIP E+ 25

(Inc. Have you heard about the fool/ I`ll fight/That`s me loving you)

127.Sidney Joe Qualls-I enjoy loving you-Brunswick E+ 25

(Inc. Run to me/ The next time i fall in love)

128.Gladys Knight-A little Knight music-Soul E 10

(Inc. No one could love you more)

129.The Ojays-The year 2000-TSOP E+ 15

(Great LP inc. To prove i love you)

130.The Tymes-Turning point-RCA E+ 15

(Inc. All you ever wanted to know about love/Its so good to be waking up)

131.Peabo Bryson-Turn the hands of time-Capitol E+ 20

(Inc. Why dont you make up your mind)

132.Spyder Turner-Stand by me-MGM E+ 20

(Inc. I`m alive with a loving feeling)

133.Jackie Wilson-Nobody but you-Brunswick E+ 25

(Inc. You are the song/ It only happens when i look at you)

134.The Supremes and 4 tops-Dynamite- Motown E+ 20

(Inc. Dont you miss me a little bit baby)

135.Gladys Knight-Ovation-Soul E+ 15

(Inc. No-one could love you more)

136. David Ruffin-In my stride-Motown E+ 15

137.Strutt-Time moves on-Brunswick- E+ 30

(Inc. Said you didn`t love him))

138. Jackie Wilson-Whispers-Brunswick E+ 20

(Inc.My heart is calling, to make a big man cry)

139.Tom Jones-Help yourself-Decca UK E+ 15

(Inc. I cant break the news to myself)

140.Barbara Lynn-You dont have to go-Ichiban E+ 20

(Inc. Trying to love two)

141.New York City-Soulful Rd-Chelsea E+ 15

(Inc. Darling take me back)

142.Doris Troy-Stretchin out-People E+ 20

(Inc. Dont let me be lonely tonight)

143.Soul Children-Friction-Stax E 15

(Split cover. Ibnc. We`re getting too close)

144.Johnny Bristol-Feeling the magic- MGM E+ 15

(Inc. I would`nt change a thing)

145.From the Vaults-Various-Motown E+ 25

(Inc. Spinners-What more could a boy ask for)

146.Ronnie Dyson-Love in all flavours-CBS E+ 20

(Inc. I want to be where you are)

147.Gwen Conley-The many faces-Meco E+ 40

148.Luther Ingram-Do you love somebody-Koko E+ 25

(Inc. Do you think there`s a chance)

149.Janice-Same-Fantasy E+ 15

(Inc. I told you so)

150.Young holt unlimited-Soulful strutt- Brunswick E 10

(Inc. Soulful strutt)

151.The Ojays-Super bad- Trip E+ 25

(Inc. Crossroads of life)

152.Fantastic Four-The best of-Soul E+ 30

(Inc. Cant stop looking for my baby)

153.Rance Allen-Feel like going on-Stax E+ 10

154.The Moments-Sharp-Deluxe E+ 10

155.Clay Hammond-Streets will love you-Evejim E+15

(inc.They don’t makeum no more)

156.Broomfield-Same-Vision E+ 10

(Inc. Dont cover up your feelings)

157. The Younghearts-Do you have the time-20th cent E+ 20

(Inc. Youre not here with me)

158.Don Thomas-You`re the one-Myrahh E+ 25

159.Wornell Jones-Same-Paradise E+ 10

160.Jean carne-happy to be with you-PIR E+ 8

161.lamont Dozier-Bittersweet-WB E+ 10

(Inc. Tough act to follow)

162.Eddie Kendricks-Love keys-Atlantic E+ 10

(Inc. You dont want my loving)

163.Gladys Knight-All our love-MCA E+ 8

(Inc. Love is fire love is ice)

164.Ronnie McNeir-Lucky number 12"-Motorcity E+ 10

165.The Persuaders-Best thing that ever happened-Atco M- 12

166.Gene Chandler-Gene Chandler situation-Mercury E+ 10

167.Thelma Houston-Ride to the rainbow- Tamla E+ 8

(Inc. Saturday night Sunday morning)

168. Choice 4-Same-RCA E+ 10

169.The Originals-California sunset-Mptown E+ 20

(Inc. Let me live in your life)

170.Kiki Dee-Patterns-Liberty E+ 25

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