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Funk/modern List: The Summits, Lee Moses, Eddie Bo+


I'm doing these sales in sections, so next will be the Northern/RNB lists. Any order over $300 is free shipping, it's $6 to ship anywhere in the world otherwise. Payment as a gift through paypal. All records shipped securely in 45 mailers. SOUND CLIPS AND SCANS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. IF YOU'RE UNSURE WHETHER A RECORD IS SUITABLE TO YOUR STANDARDS PLEASE, PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR A CLIP. Thanks for looking.


The Summits - Sleepwalking/I'll Never Say No - DC International - (NM )- $250 - Absolutely blowing up everywhere. Two ridiculously amazing sides but Sleepwalking gets the award in my opinion.

Milton Floyd - Anyway I Can/I'm A Shadow - RJM - (VG+) (a couple marks that DNAP, labels clean) - $30 - Killer uptempo funk tune.

Spectrum - If You Wanna Party - Spectrum - (VG) (Labels some rips but are %80 in good shape, vinyl has some marks but plays clean with some minor noise. The flip plays with a little bit more noise but isn't too bad, it's actually a pretty decent deep-modern track) - $70 - Absolutely killer modern-funk tune out of Richmond, Virginia. This is meant to be played in the club at deafening levels.

The Banks Bros - Bring It All Back Home To Me/Instrumental - Consolidated - (VG+) (some ring-wear, and some light marks that DNAP) - $100 - Another modern sounding funk tune out of Richmond that was given away as a promo for Consolidated Bank.

The Torques - Bumpin/Mercy, Mercy - Lemco - (NM) - $75 - A totally respectable, even killer, funk instrumental from this blue-eyed group outta Kentucky. Great record

Pappys Haunted House - Dude/One More Time - (NM) - $75 SOLD! - Pretty killer psych-funk instrumental that is good for the dancefloor. Obscurity factor is a plus.

Wilbur Bascomb/The Three Reason - Just A Groove In G/Take Me Back - Carnival - (NM-) (damn near perfect) - $50 - Classic Brainfreeze sample, plus the flip deserves some attention in my opinion.

Brenda Devlin - Were You Ever Lonely/I Love You More Than Anything - Road Records - (VG+) (vinyl in superb shape, labels have very minor ring-wear) - $40 - Fairly obscure sister-funk two-sider, both sides absolutely rip and not too many people are hip to the record.

Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham - Lover & A Friend/If I Had To Do it Over - Seven B - 9G) (Labels are a train-wreck but still recognizable, vinyl looks like someone ran some sandpiper over it BUT "Lover..." plays like a VG with almost no noise during the actual song. This has been my DJ copy for a long time but I recently upgraded. Perfect for DJING. If you want a clip of it just get in touch) - $40

The World Famous Mad Lads and The Crossfire Band - You Blew It/Trying To Forget About You - Express Records - (NM-) $75

Lee Moses - Bad Girl (Part 1)/Bad Girl (Part 2) - Musicor Records - (VG+, vinyl has some light marks plays clean. Vinyl has light ringwear and a promo hole punch) -$60 - Honestly I think this is one of his best releases, he really demonstrates his talent on both sides. GREAT production too, nice and raw with some heavy sounding drums.

Frank Williams & The Rocketeers/Little Beaver & The Rocketeers - Git It(To The Nitty Gritty)/I Feel My Love(Coming Down) - Octavia - VG - $75 - Great funky instrumental from Frank Williams and a decent Northern/RnBish number from Little Beaver on the flip.

The Bionic I - Time Waits For No One/Disco Claus - Kora Records (VG) - $80 - Pretty damn obscure modern synth-heavy boogie tracks, the Disco Claus song is actually really killer despite being a Christmas tune.

Lillian Hale - Don't Boom Boom/The Signs Were Wrong - Fretone - (VG+ vinyl has some scuffs that don't cut through. The record is really loud.) $30 SOLD -Absolutely dancefloor explosion with this franticly raw sister-funk tune.

The Vanguards - The Thought of Losing Your Love/It's To Late For Love - (VG) - $25 - Killer funk tune.

Soul Partners - Walk On Judge/Lose The One You Love - Holiday - (VG) - $20 - Classic funk instro on the original label.

Hindal Butts - In The Pocket/Welfare Cadillac - (VG+) - $30 - classic funk instrumental out of Detroit.

Freddy Scott - Got What I Need/Forever My Darling - Shout - (NM) - $30 - The song that everyone and their mother knows, even if they don't know that it's not a Biz Markie song. Classic, timeless, and works in any setting.

True Reflection - Beer Cans and Empty Hands /Silent Treatment - ATCO - (NM) - $20 - Really good ghetto funk tune that's perfect for a party scenario. I feel like this record should be getting more attention.

Dennis Lee & Notables - Funky Penguin/Sunday Afternoon - Jenmark - (VG-, labels have ring-wear and are pretty beat. Vinyl has a lot of marks but plays VG with some noise that is drowned out by the music for the most part. Works for DJing) - $25 - KILLER deep funk track out of Baton Rouge, tons of wah-wah and snappy drums. The flip is a real nice mid-tempo crossover tune as well. Love, love, love this record.

Dean Francis and The Soul Rockers - Funky Disposition/Tippin' - Hillside - VG (some light wear on the labels, some marks on the vinyl but both sides play acceptable clean with little noise/pops) - $125 SOLD! Gaining popularity but I'm not sure for which side, BOTH are killer!

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