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Rarer Stuff, Still Cheap

BONNEVILLES - Play It Cool vg++ NOW £40 SOLD

TOMMY BUSH - Stop & Think vg++ Speciality £70 (karl Heard cover up)

4th KINGDOM - Call It Dope/ Gotta Get To you vg+ £40 Janjon (rare and just f--king brilliant, one side uptempo, other mid - t) SOLD

LIL WILLIE - A Man Dont Last Too Long vg++ Golden £25 (uptempo rawness)

CREATIONS - Save The People Virtue vg++ (great uptempo tune, right for now!) £25

IMAGE - Were Movin Verdy vg++ £30 (great soulful 70's, another old marco spin) SOLD

VENEICE - Stepchild Hi vg++ (dirty stomping tune and hard to find!) £40

RAYFIELD REID - Dynamite Party Ken Tone (old Sadot tune.ha!) vg++ £40

FANTASTIC MAINSTREAM - Lets Be Friends vg++ Las Vegas (just incredible tune, lyrics, backing, just beautiful!) £70 SOLD

MANDISA - Summerlove El Leo vg++ (i love this strange, soulful 70s dancer, rare, unique) £30

LA. CARNIVAl Color/Blind Man Pacific Avenue vg. (so rare, but this copy is Rough, could be brushed up a bit. Color plays ok, but blind man is hit and miss, depending on deck. hence price!) £40 SOLD

LONNIE JONES - Treat Her Right Jenmark vg++ (tune of the list, Karl Heard spin cover, just so soulful and rare.) £100

EL POOKS - I Could Do The Impossible Orvious vg+ (B side is knackered. Great dirty funk/soul,RARE rips it up!) £50

Please email paulsadot@hotmail.com

Prefer cash or cheque, unless your overseas.

Edited by paul-s

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