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Tommy Navarro - I Cried My Life Away - De Jac

Morning All :)

I'm after a nice clean copy of Tommy Navarro - I Cried My Life Away.

I'm aware of the copies on Ebay...one is seriously overpriced and the 2nd in the US just won't make it to these shores in time. (it's for a birthday present on the 20th)

Please PM or email me at... nongfu@btinternet.com

Many thanks in anticipation


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Are you on about the copy on ebay thats on at 125.00 dollars with three days left Teresa? If that sells for 225.00 dollars , i'd have thought that cheap....thought price had crept up on this one in £££s.

if its not that one has another gone silly money?

Mike.(what C.D's?)

oops see your point on the u.s one....

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Yayyyyy Baby !!!! One sold a couple of days ago in Mint- condition for £130 which i think is rather fair and a VG+ a day or 2 previous went for £95. The one on Ebay now....£180 FFS!!! Although there's only a couple of hours left with no takers.

There's one still rollin' on there now, which I'd happily get into a dogfight over but as it's in the US, I've no chance of getting it in time for M'Lords birthday.

Teresa (What CD's?) lol :D :D :D

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