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Jimmie Ellis- Anna Raye- Herman George +More

Record Sales jw80487


A few for sale

Jo Armstead - Ive been turned on £15

Nate Adams - Im gonna be good £30

Willie and Barbara - Sleep with you £65

Bachelor Brad - Birds of a feather £100

Joyce Jones- Help me make up my mind £25

Little Carl Carlton - Two timer £15

True Image - Come what may £30

Jimmie Ellis - Happy to be £200

Betty Everett- Unlucky Girl £40

Melodics - Id never thought Id lose you £30

Paradise -Tell her £50

Touch - Me and You £20

Universal Minds - A chance at love £40

4Th Coming - Dead dont die £55

Calvin Arnold - Satisfy my Woman £15

Oscar Perry - Cant mend a broken heart £30

Madeline and Monticellos- Binding ring of gold £35

Anna Raye - Ive got love £100

Bright Moments- Shes so fine £40

Serenade - When love is gone£20

Herman George- Breaks me up inside £140

Louis Curry - Captivated £70

Jimmy Dotson - I used to be a loser £30

Irene Scott - Everyday Worries £30

Lily Fields + Hogay lands - Sweet soul brother £30

Nate Evans - This time with feeling (orange) £40

Devons - Groovin with my thing £55

Sugar Pie Desanto - Be happy £40

Silk - Falling in love £60

Gloria Jay - Know what you want £25

Michelle Wiley - Feel so home £50

Kittens - How long can i go on £30

Little Charles + sidewinders - Open up the door £20

Kent Drake - Boss thing together £90

Spaceark - Welcome to my door £40

Dorando - Didnt I £90

Lou Ragland - I cant take it £25

Bunny Foote Watson - Ive got all the love you need £30

Patti Hendrix - Id believe it £90

Dan Greer - Masquerade £25

Robert Taylor= Let me love you £75

Stage Three - The nights that i cried £80

Micheal Lizzmore Promise that youll wait £65

BPS Revolution -Brotherly Love £65

Triplett Twins - Gonna Change £150

Dunn and Bruce Street - Moment of truth £25

Lee Charles- I get high on my babys love £60

Larry Banks- Dont pull away £20

Pat Livingstone - Take me know or leave forever £130

Beverly And Duane - You belong to me £150

All m- (Unless noted)

Pm or email jerry.welsh@hotmail.co.uk

Cash , cheque or payapl ( no charge if sent as gift)


Signed for £2

Special Delivery £5.50

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Posted (edited)

ignore, mistake!

Edited by Sutty

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