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Tony T Bones Set, Windsor Room, Stoke Allnighter 1St October

Here's what i spun in the 4 - 5 am spot at the Stoke allnighter. I know some are doubled up form the previous Skeggy weekender but weight is a problem when flying. Anyway here goes in no particular order.

Al Gardner, sweet baby. Sepia.

Al Williams, i am nothing. Palmer.

Betty Wilson, i'm yours. Dayco.

Bobby Angelle, too much. Money.

Buddy Lamp, save your love. Wheeelsville.

Calvin Grayson, you got to be willing. In.

Connie Austin, she made a mistake. King.

Dave Charles, ain't gonna cry no more. Donnie.

Dorothy Berry, shindig city. Planetary.

Doug Parkinson, soon as your thing is done. SSR.

Bobby Baskerville, gotcha where i wantch. Dot.

Freddie Williams, got to live while i can. Hollywood.

Hank Marr, the out crowd. Wingate.

Happy Cats, these boots are made for walikng. Omack.

Honeybees, lets get back together. Garrison.

Jesse Johnson, left out. Old Town.

Nolan Chance, just like the weather. Bunky 161. ( yes THE actual copy i discovered )

Pat Lewis, no one to love. Solid Hit.

Ree Flores, look into my heart. M + H.

Ronnie Forte, nervous breakdown. Tarx.

Roscoe and Friends, broadway sissy. Tec.

Silhouettes, not me baby. Goodway.

Turley Richards, i feel alright. Colunmbia.

Eddie Jasper Daye and the Four Bars, lean on me. Dayco.

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