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Derek Pearson

Derek Pearson Playing Some Of Them Old Northern 45S Sat 8Th October 2011

Derek Pearson playing some of them old northern 45s Saturday 8th October 2011

Bradford BCB Radio106.6FM 21:00-22:00pm + playlists

I left my windswept house on the hill carrying a box full of singles, that I’d been playing to myself in the house over the last few weeks or so, in an effort to refresh my memory of them.

They were mainly up tempo obscure sixties things that I hadn’t played on the radio for ages and I must admit it was a joy to put together a set of them for radio airplay.

If you would like to hear the show live there’s 2 ways to go about it – if you live within say 10 miles of the BD1 based studio tune your radio to the 106.6 frequency on your FM dial and you should be able to get it.

Failing that go through the wonders of the world wide web on www.bcbradio.co.uk and hear it streamed live out of your PC.

Dee Pee’s wonderful selection of them old northern 45s:

More details to follow asap

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playlist as promised:

The Holidays "Watch Out" Golden World

Willie Kendricks "Give Me Lots Of Loving" RCA

Liz Lands "Midnight Johnny" Gordy

The Vows "Tell Me" VIP

The Falcons "Love Look In Your Eyes" Big Wheel

Luther Ingram "Run For Your Life" Hurdy Gurdy

Emanuel Lasky "Run For My Life" Thelma

Johnny Gilliam "Baby Take Me Back" Modern

Dynamics "You Make Me Feel So Good" RCA

Deon Jackson "When Your Love Has Gone" Carla

Illusions "Just an illusion" Freedom

Lee Williams "Girl From A Country Town" Rapda

Bobby Taylor "There Are Roses Somewhere" Sunflower

Willie Hobbs "Til I Get It Right" Sound Stage Seven

Ghetto Children "It's not easy to say goodbye" Roulette

The Turks "The good brought the bad" DJO

Willie Mallory "You went back on what you said" Lanor

Gene Middleton "You can get it" Soul Town

Johnny Guitar Watson "Wait a minute baby" Highland

Bobby King "Thanks Mister Postman" Federal

Turnarounds "Can't take no more" Minit

Grover Mitchell "Take your time and love me" Josie

Soul Patrol "Save your love" Highland

Deon Jackson "I can't go on" Carla


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