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Dolly Gilmore/dewey Jeffries/roz Ryan

Following for sale;

Dolly Gilmore-don't you know you're the yes/sweet sweet baby. dove records. £300.00 ex+/ex+ SOLD

rare 45 in great shape. a side is lovely xover and b side classic sister funk.

Dewey Jeffries-when no one cared/ole london. Gary-dew records. £230.00 ex+/ex+ SOLD

rare northern dancer from Cleveland. Getting spins at the moment.

Roz Ryan-you're my only temptation/I can't see nothing but the good in you. Volt. £70.00 ex+/ex+

Classic xover track. rare volt release.

Sharon Revoal-run between the raindrops/reaching for our star. Forte. £40.00. m-/m-

unplayed stock copy. getting spins on modern scene.

Mandrill-too late/holiday, Arista. £60.00 ex+/ex-. small sticker on b-sides label.

No indrodution needed.

Kim Weston-I'm still loving you/go ahead and laugh. Tamla. £50.00. ex/ex. drilled hole on label

Al Perkins-yes,my goodness yes/I fall in love again. Buddah. £20.00 ex+/ex+

Bad medicine-trespasser pt1/trespasser pt.2- Enyx. £100.00. ex/exSOLD

Classic deep funk tune.

Three pieces-I need you girl/cool it. Fantasy DJ promo. £20.00. ex/ex.

Herber Hunter/Bob & Bobbie- loop de loop/hey Paula. Hit records. £15.00. vg+/vg+

Debate-mo funk/foxy lady. Etta records. £60.00. m-/m- SOLD

unplayed stock copy. rare funk.

Hoagy Lands-september/theme from the other side. Laurie. £10.00. ex/ex-. drilled hole on run out groove nap.

Charlie Lucas and the thrillers-wonderful feeling/soul for sale. waterbird. £50.00. m-/m-

unplayed stock copy. Rare privete funk 45.

p&p's are extra. Paypal payment ok. please reserve via PM or email: plintunen@hotmail.com

Thanks for looking.


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