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Majestees, Sophisticates: Couple Of Mutts For Sale + Reductions

Spares of these two great tunes up for grabs:

Maajestees - take back all those things / let her go (Mutt) ON HOLD

Two absolutely tremendous sides. One proper uptempo dancer and real high quality mid tempo flip

Sophisticates - I can't stand it / I need you (Mutt) Ex+ £80

Another high class double sider. I need you is slower paced but equally as good IMHO

Following still hanging around and need to raise some cash by moving them on so prices reduced. All are strictly graded to be at least Ex unless stated. Sensible offers and/or decent trades welcome:

Monclairs - wait for me (Sunburst) £20

Howard Tate - you're looking good (Utopia) v. light label wear, vinyl great £175 (a steal!!!)

Gladys Knight - stop and get a hold (Maxx) £35

Ila Van - get to Jim Johnson (Roulette w/d) £25

Fiats - speak words of love (Universal w/d) £75 (another give away!)

Betty Swann - the heartache is gone (Money) £30

Betty Everett - too hot to hold (Vee Jay) £30

Eddie Hill - nothing sweeter (M-S) vg+++ / Ex £100 (cheap as chips?)

Standard UK post, overseas I'll check but it'll be signed for.



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