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Anglo American, Latest Sales And Auction List





Please do not contact me about any of these 45's. Get in touch with Anglo American. Thank you.


PO BOX 4 , TODMORDEN Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com

LANCS, OL14 6DA. www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk

ENGLAND. List 557 Oct 10th 2011 Reservations 9.30 am – 5.45 pm weekdays only

Postage and packing £1.50 for 1st disc then 50p per record. Please add £0.80 for recorded delivery. £6 for Special Delivery.

Europe £4.00 for 1st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )

Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1st record ( then 50p per record ).

We accept most major credit cards.

Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don’t buy, so if this

list is ticked at the top of the page it’s £6 subs for 6 months please.




To view the items below go to www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk and click on Auctions

OCT - A Herman Lewis Who’s Kissing You Tonite Stone Blue 101 VG++ 1500

Super rare issue copy of this part Detroit, part Cincinnati record. Backed with a version of Clara

Ward’s ‘Right Direction’ of course

OCT - B Little Reuben In The Name Of Loneliness N R 602 VG++ 500

Total crossover perfection - known for about years, but few are the copies which ever turn up for sale

OCT - C Betty Turner The Winds Kept Laughing Crescent 637 VG++ 500

Lovely West Coast dancer always fills dancefloors and never booted. A very strong VG++

OCT - D Eula Cooper Let Our Love Grow Higher Super Sound 7002 VG++ 600

Again very strong VG++ with just one tiny mark spoiling mint minus. A total classic of course

OCT - E Master Force Hey Girl Rain Forest 001 M- 300

Strong demand on this 1979 mover out of N.Y.C. Loads of potential here

OCT - F Lou Pride Your Love Is Fading Suemi 4569 VG++ 500

Pride’s “other” release has always been a tough one as well, with more of a laid back crossover feel.

Flipside is ‘Lonely Room’

OCT - G Wil Collins Anything I Can Do Bareback 531 VG++ 300

Great for deejays to this day – has always been an expensive tune but is probably rarer on the issue

copy with a B-side (as this one is)

OCT - H Dennis Edwards Johnnie On The Spot Int. Soulville 100 WD VG++ 1500

One of the finest double siders with ‘I Didn’t Have To’ being ace Detroit Northern also. Again a very

strong VG++, great condition basically for a record still known from very few copies

OCT - I Virginia Blakly Let Nobody Love You Mojo 101 VG++ 650

A top rarity for all its life on the UK scene. Once more just one small mark prevents a mint minus


OCT - J Vanguards Good Times Bad Times Lamp 94 VG++ 750

One small mark yet again and it would take many marks to impinge on the total soulful brilliance in

these grooves

OCT - K Delilah Moore It Takes Love Middle Earth 1 VG++ 300

Here’s a seventies goodie I don’t ever see too often. Started life as a cult item at the Mecca – 36

years on I’ve espied a mere few copies in my time

OCT - L Judy Stokes A Real Man Soul Power 10 VG++ 550

Very rare powerhouse female Northern. In this case probably a tad down on VG++ going more

towards VG+. Best listen to the soundbite. Great deep on the flip if that’s your groove, give us a call

we will stun you with ‘Kiss Our Love Goodbye’.

OCT - M Ray Pollard This Time Shrine 103 M- 800

A definite mint minus on this one if you are after the almost-perfect top end rarity

OCT - N Little Joe Roman When You’re Lonesome Tuff 419 WD M- 700

I feel this one to be very under rated as a rarity to locate. I mean, how often do you see it in a box for

sale? Almost never. Gorgeous deep flip as well

OCT - O Masqueraders How La Beat 6606 VG++ 600

Just an odd little mark defies mint minus on this Detroit gem


New additions on our website every week- Northern, Modern, Funk, Deep, Reissues,

and CD’s.

Don’t forget to check it out!



1 Cliff Nobles Burning Desire Phil L. A. Of Soul M- 10

A very under rated singer on a neat midtempo item

2 Jimmy Robins I Can’t Please You Jerhart M- 15

One of the very best – cheap Northern Soul doesn’t come better than this

3 Billy Stewart Because I Love You Chess M- 8

Yet another reliable dancer from this great vocalist

4 Sam Bowie The Times We Had Together WinGate M- 15

Two great sides, one an infectious dancer backed with a great beat ballad

5 Jackie Ross Honey Dear Chess M- 10

The release with ‘Take Me For A Little While’ on the reverse

6 Tymes God’s Gonna Punish You RCA Victor M- 10

Great Philly dancer from the group

7 Edwin Starr Girls Are Getting Prettier Ric-Tic M- 10

What a stormer – superb Northern as ever from Edwin

8 Eivets Rednow More Than A Dream Gordy M- 10

Hot news for Ginger – this is Stevie Wonder! Great harmonica instrumental that mods go for

9 Whispers Where Have You Been Roker M- 15

Quality midtempo mover as you would expect from this group

10 Cash McCall When You Make Up Thomas M- 15

Hard edged but catchy Chicago midtempo dancer


100 original U.S. label Northern 45’s

Sixties, Modern, R&B – mostly mint one or two VG++

£100 including post within the UK. Overseas customers shipping price on request.


11 Terry Callier Look At Me Now Cadet D M- 350

Rare demo copy

12 Jesse Johnson Left Out Old Town M- 500

Rare black and blue issue copy

13 Crown Four Love For My Girl Lee John M- 175

Rarely seen these days

14 Benny Sigler Who You Gonna Turn To Phil L.A. Of Soul WD M- 300

15 Matadors Say Yes Baby Chavis VG++ 300

16 Paul Smith Ain’t That Something Jacklyn M- 350

17 Gino Washington Like My Baby Atac WD M- 125

18 Metros Since I Found My Baby RCA Victor M- 180

Scarce red Canadian release

19 Marva Josie Don’t United Artists WD M- 200

20 Marke Jackson I’ll Never Forget You Jamie M- 40

21 International GTO’s I Love My Baby Rojac VG++ 200

22 Johnny Summers Is The Feeling Still There Audio Forty VG++ 150

23 Tony Michaels I Love The Life I Live Golden World WD VG++ 40

24 Master Four Love From The Far East Tay-ster VG++ 40

25 Major Harris Loving You More Okeh M- 50

26 Chuck Jackson Hand It Over Wand M- 25

27 Barbara Mason Bobby Is My Baby Arctic M- 25

28 Roosevelt Grier Pizza Pie Man D-Town M- 150

29 Invitations What’s Wrong With Me Baby? DynoVoice D M- 50

30 Dells Inspiration Cadet M- 40

31 Calvin Williams It Won’t Matter At All Atco M- 40

32 Prince Phillip Keep On Talking Smash D M- 40

33 Pete Cooke Little Darlin’ Dimension WD M- 30

34 Sugar Pie DeSanto Be Happy Soul Clock D M- 30

Brilliant West Coast mover recommended

35 Voice Masters You’ve Hurt Me Baby Bamboo M- 30

36 Bobby Williams It’s All Over Sure-Shot D M- 40

37 Sandy Wynns Love’s Like Quicksand Canterbury M- 30

38 Ron Alston Somethin’ Ain’t Right Philips M- 30

39 Millionaires I’d Rather Do It Myself Philips M- 30

40 Fantastic Four Live Up To What She Thinks Ric-Tic M- 40

41 Denise LaSalle A Love Reputation Chess D M- 50

42 Roscoe Shelton Running For My Life Sound Stage 7 M- 35

43 Marvin Smith Hold On Brunswick M- 25

44 Artistics The Chase Is On Brunswick M- 25

45 Jo Armstead I Feel An Urge Coming On Giant M- 40

46 Chuck Ray Baby Please Don’t Go Buddah M- 40

47 Billy Butler Right Track Okeh VG++ 40

48 The Girls The Hurt’s Still Here Memphis M- 30

49 Steve Mancha Just Keep On Loving Me Groovesville M- 30

50 Jerry Williams Philly Duck Calla D M- 30

51 Robert Parker I Caught You In A Lie Nola M- 40

52 Darrell Banks I Wanna Go Home Cotillion WD M- 30

53 Barbara Lynn I’m A Good Woman Tribe M- 35

54 Johnny Moore It May Be Tears Of Joy Bright Star WD M- 40

55 Deon Jackson You Gotta Love Carla M- 30

56 Don Varner Masquerade South Camp WD M- 40

57 Chuck Jackson Hand It Over / Look Over Your Shoulder Wand M- 25

58 Vernon And Jewell Hold My Hand Kent M- 25

59 Volumes A Way To Love Inferno M- 30

60 Just Brothers Sliced Tomatoes Music Merchant D M- 25

First release on the label – promo too!

61 Soul Notes How Long Will It Last Way Out M- 25

62 Darrow Fletcher Infatuation Jacklyn M- 25


63 Johnny Guitar Watson Big Bad Wolf Magnum M- 250

64 Willie Jones Where’s My Money Mr. Peacock M- 250

65 Eskew Reeder Undivided Love Instant M- 80

66 Dorothy Williams The Well’s Gone Dry Bandstand USA WD M- 250

67 Len Johnson One Day Ray-Co M- 20

68 Bobbettes Mr. Johnny Q Gone M- 60

69 Johnnie Lee Williams Teach Me How Louis M- 25

70 Christine Kittrell Call His Name Federal M- 25

71 Harrison Jones Send Up Some Steam Audio Fidelity WD M- 30

72 Chuck Bradford You’re Going To Miss Me Fire WD M- 25

73 Fats Domino It Keeps Rainin’ Imperial M- 25

74 Ray Agee Leave Me Alone Krafton WD M- 30

75 Ivory Joe Hunter Somebody’s Stealing My Love Vee Jay WD M- 25

76 Willie Harper Power Of Love Alon M- 25

77 Bessie Watson I’m Never Alone (I’m Rich) Jay Pee M- 75

78 Untouchables Raisin’ Sugar Cane Madison VG++ 35

79 Shakey Jake Roll Your Money Maker Vivid M- 25

80 Scotty & The Rib-Tips The Greasey Spoon Biscayne M- 25

81 Pearl Woods Sippin Sorrow Charge M- 75

82 B Brown & His Rockin’ McVouts Fannie Mae Is Back Vest M- 25

83 Larose Phillips Wanted Goldisc WD VG++ 35

84 Temptations I Want A Love I Can See Gordy M- 50

85 Temptations Check Yourself Miracle M- 30


86 Pages Heartaches & Pain Sunstruck M- 300

Genuine original, with “smooth” paper label

87 Willi J & Co Boogie With Your Baby Ki Ki M- 100

88 Jan Jones Independent Woman Day-Wood M- 200

89 Summits I’ll Never Say No DC Int’l M- 125

90 Shock Footsteps Acroos Your Mind Sirocco M- 30

91 Ed Summers I Can Tell Soya M- 40

92 Bill Brandon The Streets Got My Lady Piedmont M- 250

93 Debra Anderson Funy How We’ve Changed Places Musicor M- 200

94 Charles Brimmer The Feeling Is In My Heart Broadmoor M- 200

95 J J Nichols Dancin’ Lady N A M. D M- 30

96 Fiestas Sometimes Storm Respect M- 30

Superb midtempo on this Stax subsidiary

97 Jamal Trice Nothing’s Too Good (For You Baby) Soul M- 75

98 Bottom & Company Gonna Find A True Love Motown M- 200

99 Fontella Bass You Can Betcha In Love Epic M- 50

100 George Perkins I’m So Glad You’re Mine Royal Shield M- 50

101 Nat Cole Jr. You Compton’s Staff M- 40

102 Silent Majority Something New About You Hot Wax VG++ 50

103 Rare Pleasure Let Me Down Easy Cheri M- 25

104 Richard C I Want You Back Sho-Boat M- 30

105 Tony Lampkin He’s A Better Liar Than Me Jemkl Soul VG++ 60

106 Ernie Johnson Big Man Cry Steph And Lee VG++ 50

107 John Gee Not Enough Love-Makin’ Pashlo M- 40

108 Eddie Giles Sexy Lady Custom Sound M- 60

109 Jimmie’ Bo’ Horne If You Want My Love Alston M- 40

110 Donnell Pitman Your Love Is Dynamite After Five M- 40

111 Willie Hatcher Have A Heart Girl Cotillion M- 25

112 Sonny Munro Open The Door To Your Heart Epic WD M- 25

113 Innervision Honey Baby (Be Mine) Private Stock M- 25

114 Whispers In Love Forever Soul Train M- 25

115 Robert Moore Tears Of The World Blue Candle M- 25

116 Green Brothers Sweet Lovin’ Woman Tortoise Int’l M- 25

117 Paragons Oh Lovin’ You Buddah D M- 25

118 Willie Hightower Hungry For Your Love Mercury M- 25

119 Brenda Lee Eager There Ain’t No Way Mercury M- 25

120 David Sea When Did You Start To Stop Loving Me Crown Limited M- 75

121 Ronnie McNeir My Baby Setting Sun VG++ 40

122 Gene Redding I Need Your Lovin’ Bell VG++ 50

123 Ozone Our Hearts (Will Always Shine) Motown WD M- 75

Surprisingly hard to find

124 J J Lewis When (Will You Be Coming Home) Malaco M- 30

125 Lou Jackson I Can’t Believe You Said You Love Me Spring VG++ 75

126 Jean Plum Look At The Boy Hi M- 80

Rare on issue copy

127 Honey & The Bees Help Me Josie M- 20

128 Momie - O You’re Welcome, Stop On By I Dentify M- 20


129 Shorty Long Devil With The Blue Dress Soul 35001 M- 15

130 Sammy Ward You’ve Got To Change Soul 35004 w.o.l M- 25

131 Shorty Long It’s A Crying Shame Soul 35005 w.o.l M- 20

132 Earl Van Dyke Soul Stomp Soul 35006 M- 20

133 The Hit Pack Never Say No To Your Baby Soul 35010 w.o.l M- 25

134 Freeman Brothers My Baby Soul 35011 M- 40

Rare without ‘Distribution By Bell’ misprint on the bottom

135 Jr. Walker &

The All Stars

Tune Up Soul 35012 VG++ 20

136 Earl Van Dyke I Can’t Help Myself Soul 35014 M- 15

137 Jimmy Ruffin How Can I Say I’m Sorry Soul 35016 M- 20

138 Jr. Walker &

The All Stars

Cleo’s Mood Soul 35017 M- 15

139 Jimmy Ruffin What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted Soul 35022 M- 10

140 Gladys Knight Just Walk In My Shoes Soul 35023 VG++ 15

141 Jr. Walker &

The All Stars

Money (That’s What I Want) Soul 35026 M- 15

142 Jimmy Ruffin I’ve Passed This Way Before Soul 35027 M- 10

143 Shorty Long Chantilly Lace Soul 35031 M- 15


144 Rose Battiste Hit & Run b/w

I Miss My Baby

OSV 036 M 10

145 Pat Lewis No One To Love b/w

Look At What I Almost Missed

OSV 037 M- 10

146 Dynamics I Need Your Love b/w

The Girl’s Got Soul

OSV 038 M- 10

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