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Guest phillybuster

Some Modern Some Crossover 45's

Guest phillybuster

Hi,Some 45's for sale,P+P £2.00 for 1, more for others.Paypal as gift.

Joe King-Speak On Up-Prix VG++ £30

The Fabulous Determinations-Has Love Been Here Before-Mainstream VG++ £25

Invitations-They Say The Girls Crazy-Silver Blue VG++ £15

TNJ's-Don't Forget About Me-Chess VG++ £25

Frank Everett-Spellbound-Big Smokey VG++ £40

The Manhattens-I Can't Stand For You To Leave Me-De Luxe VG++ £10

Jean Wells-What Have I Got To Lose-Calla-VG++ £20

Brenda And The Tabulations-That's In The Past-Dionn VG++ £35

Don Gardner-You're Love Is Driving Me Crazy-Mr G VG++ £20

Crossfire-Take Me Back-Virtue VG++ £20

Fantastic Puzzles-Come Back-UK Right On-VG++ £20

Major Lance-Don't You Know I Love-UK Contempo VG++ £20

John Brothers-Try To Walk A Mile/I Just Wanna Be Free-RCA-VG++ £30

Johnny Moore-Just Be For Real-Brunswick VG++ £30

The Bean Brothers-Without You-Davida VG++ With lyric sheet £30

TNJ's-Don't Forget About Me-Chess VG++ £25

Joe Phillips-Without You-Omen VG++ £25

Difosco-Sunshine Love-Earthquake VG++ £50

Mike and Bill-Where Do I Stand-York VG++ £25

Artistics-She's Heaven-Brunswick VG++ £15

Willie Roundtree-Another World-Chelsea VG++ £60

Bob Relf-You're My Kind Of Wonderful-Trans Records Yellow VG++ £20

Willie Hatcher-Have A Heart Girl-Cotillion VG++ £15

William Bell-Easy Comin' Out-Mercury VG++ £20

Sons Of Robin Stone-Let's Do It Now-Epic VG++ £30

John Roberts-To Be My Girl-Duke VG++ wear on label £20

Thanks for looking

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