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Soul 45 Collector - Northern / R&b / 60's Soul Monthly Hi-Lites

Record Sales Henry


To reserve/buy records: email – info@soul45collector.com

or phone – UK (0)1724-357147 (9am to 9pm) or PM me.

Most major credit/debit cards accepted also www.paypal.com as a ‘gift’.

UK Postage: Recorded Delivery: 7" singles; first record - £2.00, then 25p each extra single.

Special Delivery: £4.00 extra to the above rates.

Overseas Airmail postage: European countries: 7" singles; first record - £2.00, then 50p each extra single.

All other overseas countries: 7" singles; first record - £3.00, then 50p each extra single.

Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £8 extra to the above rates.

Full list with sound clips here - http://www.soul45col...com/monthly.htm

All records should be in at least excellent condition, unless stated otherwise. Most will be mint-.

Please ask if you need to know the exact condition.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed.

"Fuller Brothers, The" "Moanin', groanin' and cryin'" superb Keymen 20

"Hatcher, Willie" Head over heels w/demo/superb King 50

"Jewells, The" Lookie lookie lookie/Smokie Joe's 2 great sides King 30

"Moultrie, Mary" They're trying to tear us apart (sm ink stamp ol) MINT-/superb King 50

Debbie & The Lads/Debbie Falls Dear lord above recommended Ladd 150

"Hamilton, Edward & Arabians" Now you have to cry alone red lbl/wol/recomnded Lanrod 80

"Moore, Johnny" What more can I do recommended Larry-O 25

"Ladybirds, The" Handsome man (2 x's ol-flip/NEAR MINT) w/demo/recommended Lawn 200

"Jhamels, The" A road to nowhere demo/recommended Liberty 25

"McDaniels, Gene" It's a lonely town w/demo/wol/superb Liberty 15

"O'Brien, Betty" Why me? w/demo/recommended Liberty 15

"Chandler, Denise" I'm walking away recommended Lock 15

"Aiken, Ben" Satisfied rare issue/classic Loma 125

"Aiken, Ben" Satisfied (MINT-) w/demo/classic Loma 100

"Osborne, Kell" You can't outsmart a woman w/demo/xol/superb Loma 75

Rain Out of my mind (Inc. Co. sleeve) ex-/Canadian/sm wol/great London 25

Rain Out of my mind (Inc. Co. sleeve) Canadian/sm wol/great London 30

Roberta I'm on the prowl great R&B Lu-cee 30

"Lundy, Brad" Breaking point recommended Lundy 40

"Huey, Claude Baby" Keep It To Yourself/Didn't we have some good times superb/great flip too M.I.O.B. 75

"King, Anna" In between tears wol/recommended Malibu 35

"King, Anna" In between tears recommended Malibu 40

"Day, Margie" Have I lost my touch w/demo/MINT- Martay 20

"Du-ettes, The" Every beat of my heart classic Mar-V-lus 12

Miss Madeline Lonely girl/Behave yourself recommended Mar-V-lus 12

"Young Folk, The" Lonely girl/Joey recommended Mar-V-lus 12

"Charades, The" You're with me all the way w/demo/wol-flip/superb Mercury 60

"Dreamlovers, The" Bless your soul/The bad times make the good times 2 great sides Mercury 30

"Hall, Carl" As long as she needs me sl lbl wear/xol/recommnd Mercury 35

"Moore, Melba" Patience is rewarded w/demo/recommended Mercury 15

Sandy & The Pebbles He's my kind of fellow/My foolish little heart superb version/great flip too Mercury 35

"Taylor, Gloria" Total disaster/Don' want to be a girl that cries recommended Mercury 40

"Wright, Nat" Mr. Love superb Mercury 20

"Burns, Jackie & Bo-Bells, The" I do the best I can demo/great M-G-M 40

"Cambridge, Dottie" He's about a mover MINT-/recommended M-G-M 30

"Jackson, Millie" My heart took a licking demo/recommended M-G-M 30

"Mars, Marlina" I'm gonna hold on (to your love) ex-/demo/superb M-G-M 35

"Mars, Marlina" I'm gonna hold on (to your love) demo/MINT-/superb M-G-M 40

"Morgan, Joanne" Just how loud demo/recommended M-G-M 20

"Payne, Freda" Sad sad September demo/superb M-G-M 25

"Payne, Freda" Sad sad September sl lbl split/superb/rare issue M-G-M 25

"Soulful Seven, The" I've got a feelin' demo/mid-tempo/superb M-G-M 50

"Stevens, April" Wanting you classic M-G-M 40

"Stevens, April" Wanting you democlassic M-G-M 40

"Turner, Spyder" I can't make it any more classic/Doesn't get any better! M-G-M 15

"Tymes, The" What would I do ex-/y/demo/sm stol/classic M-G-M 45

Ray & Dave "Wrong, wrong, wrong" vg++/sol-flip/superb Mica 60

"Compliments, The" "Beware, beware" group mid-tempo/superb Midas 40

"Starr, No No" Swing your love my way great Midas 20

"St. Clair, Kelley" You took my heart wol/great Millage 25

"St. Clair, Kelly" Don't look over your shoulder nice/with pic. sleeve Millage 30

"Burns, Jimmy" I Tried stmol/superb Minit 100

"Burns, Jimmy" I Tried demo/superb Minit 100

"Greene, Vernon" "Look at me, look at me (rare issue/stock copy)" vg+/plays well/superb Minit 100

"Greene, Vernon" "Look at me, look at me" ex-/demo/superb Minit 125

"Lee, Jackie" "Oh, my darlin'" sl warp-nap/classic Mirwood 15

"Lee, Jackie" "Oh, my darlin'" classic Mirwood 20

Brilliant Korners Three lonely guys (v sl lbl ring) ex-/demo/superb Modern 175

"Day, Jackie" Oh ! What heartaches classic Modern 20

"Day, Jackie" Oh ! What heartaches w/demo/classic Modern 30

"Vontastics, The" Lady love vg++/recommended Moon Shot 20

"Vontastics, The" Lady love ex-/recommended Moon Shot 25

"Vontastics, The" Lady love recommended Moon Shot 30

"Thornton, Teri" Molly Marlene great/sm stmol-flip Mothers 60

"Ringleaders, The" "Baby, what has happened to our love" vg+/wol/classic M-pac 150

"Earls, The" Papa/If I could do it over again sm wol/2 great sides Mr. G 40

"Earls, The" Papa/If I could do it over again vg+/demo/2 great sides Mr. G 40

"Earls, The" Papa/If I could do it over again demo/2 great sides Mr. G 50

"Steel, Jason" You know your breaking my heart recommended M-S 20

"Camacho, Ray" The bounce (UNKNOWN?) R&B/great/rare Mundial 30

"Ambrose, Sammy" This diamond ring recommended Musicor 75

"Knight, Marie" You lie so well/A little too lonely classic/great flip too Musicor 125

"Perkins, Joe" Runaway slave ex-/w/demo/recomndd Musicor 75

"Harris, Milton" You should have told me superb beat ballad Mutt 30

Sunlover's You'll never make the grade classic Mutt & Jeff 75

"Glover, Helen" Just like that w/demo/recommended Nelber 40

"Cunningham, Diane" Someday baby ex-/sm wol/great/orig. label New Breed 25

"Kittens Three, The" I'm coming apart at the seems/Baby (I need you) multi colour lbl/2 great sides Newark 40

"La Belle, Patti" Love me just a little/The jokes on you 2 great sides Newtime 20

"La Belle, Patti" Love me just a little/The jokes on you demo/wol/2 great sides Newtime 25

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