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Motown Rarity! Lee Alan / Vandellas Ymca 45

MOTOWN RARITY! -- LEE ALAN (w Vandellas) Set Me Free YMCA -- (vinyl Vg++/sleeve Vg+) --- 75£ , paypal gift, priority shipping included to Europe. Great dancer! Never turns up! -------------- According to Lee Alan himself: "I wrote "Set Me Free" in 1963. Took it to Barny Ales who gave it to Popcorn Wyley. It was produced in the Hitsville studios. Martha and the Vandellas were backup singers. Marvin Gaye played my Horn, Stevie was on piano, and Smokey was in there doing something. ----------

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Marvin gaye played my horn,and Smokey was in there doing something?

You should know better than post anything that has innuendo written all over it!


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(from http://leealansblog.blogspot.com/) About 15 people were in the studio. There was a short rehearsal and tape was rolling. Martha and The Vandellas were singing backup, Marvin Gaye was playing piano, "Little" Stevie Wonder was beating on a drum, Smokie Robinson was playing THEE HORN. And...Ahem..I Sang (if you can call it that). When you hear it sometime, listen closely to my voice breaking up...they gave me one afternoon to do this and I think I had the worst cold of my life!


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