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Johnny Wyatt-hang up the phone/any kind of love-challenge wd,Ex,x on lble,£30

Big Dee Irwin-you really are together-fairmount,M-,£35

Renee Perri-i aim to please-soulville,Ex,£40

Dolores Hall-good lovin man-keymen,Vg+,£25

Larry Birdsong-somebody help me-sur speed,Ex,£40

Gwen Stewart-you took me for a fool/i thought it over-call me,M-,£55

Lonnie & Floyd-what you gonna do-jewel,M-,£35

Art Grayson-better hush-congress wd,Ex,£35

Jackie & the Starlights-you put one over on me-fire & fury,M-, £75

(brilliant semi known)

Dobie Gray-my baby-charger-M-,£25

(on of his better efforts )

Eddie Holman-she's beautiful-don el,Vinyl ex,x on lbl,slight tear,£45

Johnny Dixon-where are you-sport,Ex,£65

Dynells-just a face in the crowd/c'mon little darling-natural,,Ex,swol,£30

Volcanos-storm warning-arctic wd,vinyl ex,lbl autographed by Johnny Styles,Luther Randolph,Weldon McDougal,£75

Fred Hughes-walk on back to you-exodus,M-,£30

Casinos-thats the way-airtown,Ex,£30

Andy Butler-coming apart at the seams-tangerine,M-,£30

Gene Chandler-think nothing about it-constellation,Vg+,wol,ring wear,£25

Brenda Duff-got to get to know you-casino wd,M-,£50

(dome spin for Dave Flynn)

Melvin Carter-teacher of love-peacock,M-,£40

Joe Moore-hang right in there-tru glo town,Ex,light label fade,£85

Usual script folks,1st class inc,recorded £2,sd £6,paypal as a gift,bank transfer,sound files/scans on request,always open to offers/trades



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Brenda Duff-got to get to know you-casino wd,M-,£50

(dome spin for Dave Flynn)

Indeed he did...once...early doors set...sounded great...best version :thumbsup:

(Maybe add it to the played once and then forgotten about thread :lol: )

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