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Sag War Fare, Little Beaver, Pearly Queen, Chosen Few Etc


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I have a few for sale and more to come. Just figured that I would list a few at a time so I could keep up with the mailing. All prices are in USD. Please let me know if you would like to make an offer other than the price i have listed.

Let me know if you want to hear anything or would like a scan.

Made some adjustments to prices...

Sag War Fare - Dont be so jive ( libra ) vg++ plays great just has a superficial scuff on this side - Offers over 4000 Taking offers until 2:30 eastern standard time today 10/25/11. About 19:30 For your time zone?

Little Beaver- Do right man (saadia) m- 800

New Life Band - New life is out to get you (fran) vg+ 1500

Pearly Queen - Quit Jivin (sound triangle ) vg+ 1000

Chosen Few - Funky Butter (konduko) vg+ 500

Ronnie Keaton - going down for the last time ( konduko ) vg+ 350

Broomfield Coporate Jam -Doin it our way ( Mountain ) vg+ 800

Tony Avlon - Sexy coffee pot (atlantic) vg+ 400

Them Two - Am i a good man (deep city ) vg 150


Angelo Angione

angione78 @ aol .com

Edited by angione78
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Guest sigher the gutter snype

boo hoo man would i like that sag-war-fare.......kids we arent going on holiday next year!!!

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Guest sigher the gutter snype

yeah was 2500.....both popsike i think didnt make $2000???...

oh well if someone has the money and offers that i guess well done to the seller and none of our


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