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PO BOX 4 , TODMORDEN Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com

LANCS, OL14 6DA. www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk

ENGLAND. List 561 Dec 5th 2011 Reservations 9.30 am - 5.45 pm weekdays only

Postage and packing £1.50 for 1st disc then 50p per record. Please add £0.80 for recorded delivery. £6 for Special Delivery.

Europe £4.00 for 1st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )

Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1st record ( then 50p per record ).

We accept most major credit cards.

Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don't buy, so if this

list is ticked at the top of the page it's £6 subs for 6 months please.



1 Ray Charles Go On Home ABC M- 15

Storms along just like 'I Don't Need No Doctor'. Highly recommended

2 Imperial Wonders Love Coming Down Musicor M- 15

Ace Mecca spin deserves more attention today

3 Mary Wells Use Your Head 20th Century Fox M- 15

Fantastic doublesider outscores any of her Motown releases

4 Whirlwind Full Time Thing Roulette M- 10

1976 New York uptempo soul - quality stuff

5 Aaron Neville A Hard Nut To Crack Parlo M- 15

Collector's secret here. Great Northern Soul, hardly recognized!

6 Ohio Players It's A Crying Shame Compass M- 15

Fabulous bongo driven sixties dancer

7 Millie Jackson Ask Me What You Want Spring M- 10

From the 'My Man's A Sweet Man' era this is much more stylish

8 Olympics Baby, Do The Philly Dog Mirwood M- 15

How much longer can classics like this in mint condition continue to sell for

9 Incredibles I Can't Get Over Losing Your Love Audio Arts M- 20

Truly superb - kind of great oldie needed to ring the changes

10 Peaches & Herb I'm Counting On You MCA WD M- 15

Just got a handful of nice white promos of this excellent 1977 dancer

Don't forget to check out our website - new additions every week.

Northern, Modern, Funk, Deep, 60's, 70's, 80's etc



11 Debonairs Please Come Back Baby Soul Click VG++ 250

12 Fantastics Goodbye To Love D M D M- 250

Great Detroit rarely offered for sale

13 Yvonne Baker You Didn't Say A Word Parkway WD M- 600

Perfect condition - now impossible in this state

14 Jimmy Church Thinking About The Good Times Peachtree M- 500

15 Clydie King Only The Guilty Cry Philips WD M- 300

16 Tim Harris Don't Say Timco VG++ 350

Very rare - first label before Menzola

17 Victor Knight Chinatown Ron-Cris M- 100

Original dark green label with stamped matrix number

18 Barbara Jean &

The Lyrics

Why Weren't You There Big Hit VG++ 200

19 Chantels Indian Giver Verve D VG++ 200

20 Debbie & The Lads Dear Lord Above Ladd VG++ 150

21 Heartbreakers I've Found A New Lover Miracle M- 150

22 Edd Henry Crooked Woman Big Mack M- 150

23 Johnny McCall You Can't Get Away Satellite VG++ 200

24 Natural Four I Thought You Were Mine ABC M- 400

Rarer black stock copy

25 Lucille Mathis I'm Not Your Regular Woman A-Bet M- 300

26 Darryl Stewart Name It And Claim It Wand D M- 150

27 Tony Middleton Paris Blues Mala VG++ 200

28 Mamselles Open Up Your Heart (Let Love Out) ABC M- 300

Rare black stock copy of this fabulous mover

29 Johnnie Mae


Lonely You'll Be Jam M- 150

Difficult to find in sparkling mint condition

30 Velvelettes Lonely Lonely Girl Am I V.I.P. VG++ 30

31 Hank Jacobs Elijah Rockin' With Soul Call Me M- 125

32 Jimmie Raye You Must Be Losing Your Mind Garrison WD M- 150

Truly superb beat ballad

33 Velours I'm Gonna Change MGM D M- 275

34 Maurice McAllister Baby Hang On Chess M- 50

Gonna be a monster one day, mark my words

35 Eddie Bishop Call Me ABC Paramount WD M- 200

36 Billy Thompson Black-Eyed Girl Columbus VG++ 175

Fantastic Northern, first label before Wand of course

37 Tommy Dodson III Cooperate Main Sound M- 250

38 Willie Williams Have You Ever Been Played For A Fool? ABC M- 175

Rarer black label issue copy

39 Gladys Tyler Mr. Green, Mrs. Green Decca D M- 250

40 Marsha Gee Baby, I Need You Uptown M- 200

Stamped original, matt finish

41 Dean Courtney I'll Always Love You RCA Victor WD M- 200

42 Jimmey 'Soul'


(I'll Be Your Champion) I'll Be Your


Soulhawk M- 180

43 Alexander Patten A Lil Lovin'Sometimes Capitol M- 250

Definite original with star on run-out groove

44 Four Arts Who Do You Think You Are Shee VG++ 300

45 Soul Shakers I'm Getting Weaker Loma WD VG++ 200

Always been one of the rarest on the label

46 Mary Wells Can't You See (You're Losing Me) Stco M- 20

47 Nolan Porter If I Could Only Be Sure ABC M- 60

48 Renaldo Domino You Don't Love Me No More Smash WD M- 20

49 Billy Butler You're Gonna Be Sorry Okeh M- 25

50 Denise LaSalle Too Late To Check Your Trap Crajon M- 30

Fantastic, same backing track as Bill Coday's 'Right On Baby'

51 Willie Hutch Ain't Gonna Stop RCA D M- 25

52 Willie Hutch Love Games RCA D M- 25

53 Little Ann Going Down A One-Way Street` Ric Tic M- 25

Hard to find in pristine condition

54 Ebonys Can't Get Enough Soul Clock M- 25

55 Dramatics Inky Dinky Wang Dang Doo Win Gate M- 25

56 Betty La Vette I'm Holding On Big Wheel M- 25

57 Chuck Jackson Two Feet From Happiness V.I.P. M- 25

58 Geater Davis My Love Is So Strong For You House Of Orange M- 30

59 Fred Hughes Walk On Back To You Exodus M- 25

60 Darrow Fletcher My Young Misery Groovy VG++ 20

61 Jimmy Graham Love Can't Be Modernized Revue D M- 25

62 Marvin Smith Love Ain't Nothin' But Pain Brunswick M- 25

63 Jean Wells With My Love And What You've Got Calla M- 25

64 Dells Hi Diddley Dee Dum Dum Argo D M- 25

65 Dells Good-bye Mary Ann Argo D M- 35

66 Bobby Patterson I'm In Love With You Jetstar M- 60

67 Radiants (Don't It Make You) Feel Kind Of Bad Chess M- 25

68 Bobby Womack Tried And Convicted Minit M- 25

69 Visitors I'm In Danger Dakar M- 25

70 Jimmy Norman Family Tree Mercury M- 40

71 Betty Harris Mean Man Sansu WD M- 25

SOUL PACKS (Prices include P&P)

Overseas customers - postage price on request


100 x Northern/Modern/R&B of our highest calibre, all originals of course.

Value £10 - £20 per 45



100 x Northern/Modern/R&B originals, our most popular pack - then again who

can go wrong at a pound a record?


Pack B 60's SOUL PACK

100 x Solid 60s originals of all types


Pack C 70s / 80s SOUL PACK

100 x Solid 70s / 80s originals of all types



An ideal opportunity to get into the groove at a nice price



72 Don Gardner We're Gonna Make It Big Master Five DJ VG++ 250

73 Ogletree Brothers Gonna Keep A Check On You Treetop VG++ 250

74 Mind & Matter I'm Under Your Spell M & M M- 300

75 South Funk Blvd Be Together Captain Funk M- 300

76 Jan Jones Independent Woman Day-Wood M- 200

77 Freddie Empire Let Me Give My Love To You Coconut M- 125

78 Buddy Miles I'm Just A Kiss Away Columbia VG++ 125

79 Longo Brothers Coast To Coast People City Music M- 50

Canadian only - good Modern instrumental

80 Finishing Touch Second Best Philly Groove M- 20

81 Donny Mann Is There A Missing Piece Avalanche M- 30

82 Sir Wales Wallace People Sure Act Funny Now Sound M- 25

83 Charles Allen We Got Love E J A M- 100

First label before Greedy

84 Flowers For Real LA xpressio WD VG++ 500

Stamped promo

85 Annette Snell It's All Over Now Epic M- 75

86 Tommie Lee That's The Way I Want To Live My Life Capitol M- 75

87 King Diamond That's All She Wrote Power House M- 75

88 Donny Mann This Love Is Real Uni VG++ 25

89 Luckey Davis It's Not Where You Started Highland M- 25

90 Eddie Parker Dream RJ M- 25

91 Geater Breath Taking Girl House Of Orange M- 200

92 Edwin Starr Love (The Lonely People's Prayer) Motown 1276 M- 15

93 Al Hudson When You're Gone Atco M- 25

94 Ron Keith & Lady's Can't Live Without You A&M M- 25

95 Enticers Calling For Your Love Cotillion WD M- 50

96 Admiral Ice My Carolina Girl Admiral Shohn Ice M- 50


97 Bird Rollins Love Sick Fool Skymac M- 100

98 Slim & The Twilites Family Man Dore WD VG++ 100

99 Fred Bridges Baby Don't You Weep Versatile VG++ 200

100 Screamin' Jay Hawkins I Put A Spell On You Decca M- 100

101 Big Mama Thornton Wade In The Water Arhoolie M- 100

102 Blockbusters Soul Caravan Rockin' M- 40

103 Luvenia Lewis Let Me Be The One Suave M- 25

104 Willie Kendrick Fine As Wine Golden World M- 40

105 Thelma Harper Unchain My Heart Jell M- 35

106 Mary Ellen Moon Rocket Gramo M- 75

107 Shorty Billups Black Cats Blast WD M- 25

108 Billy Bishop Honey Man TCF M- 25

109 Lonnie Brooks The Frog Palos M- 75

110 Billy (The Kid) Emerson I Never Get Enough Mad M- 50

111 Bessie Watson I'm Never Alone Jay Pee M- 75

112 Jimmy Ricks I Wonder Fury M- 30


113 Soul Dukes Jelly Fish Hi-Way M- 200

114 Fabulous Fugitives What The World Needs J'Ace M- 150

115 Ron Buford Deep Soul Camelot M- 100

116 Soul Commanders Funky Soul Music Lifetime M- 100

117 Little Grady Lewis Soul Smokin' Wand D VG++ 50

118 Soul Severes I Got It Spectrum VG++ 100

119 Fabulous Shalimars Funky Line Rack M- 25

120 Delia Gartrell Fighting Fire, With Fire Demin-Kalo M- 40

121 Esther Marrow He Don't Appreciate It Flying Dutchman M- 30

122 Johnny Mae Mathews My Momma Don't Lie Big Hit M- 80

123 Vera Hamilton But I Ain't No More Epic M- 50

124 Betty Harris There's A Break In The Road SSS Int'l M- 25

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