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bank holiday weekend so far

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Just popped home before shooting off to dublin, had a most enjoyable time at new century, as always good laugh, a good mix of styles and sounds from the dj line up

Couldn't make warm up but heard was up to its usual high standard

Fair many catch ups with regs and on here, fair amount of vinyl to browse with some good stuff on offer

Asked to pass on anyone after delrays inc biggie, get in touch for info , Reports downstairs said the solar road show was a good one, Mark B last spot, Carl Willingham and teardrops made me laugh as was up onstage, scrounging info off him as well as asking for a shout for next weeks monkey - three other copies? Carl, Mick H, Kenny B? - which distracted him from his dj duties and I was reason why the gap for oxford nites was at the start this time:)

Anyway just a quick pass on for those interested in that sort of thing, if elsewhere lets hear how it was for you

Looks like Sheridans tonite gonna be a busy one as well for the non-overseas travellers with many people bound there - a well strong line up

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other news, views later after adventures overseas

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