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Chicago Legends Visit Yorkshire


TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE - £20 EACH - TEL 01924 894555/891332



Jackie Ross and Syl Johnson, backed by Snake Davis & The Suspicions, will be appearing at the Frobisher, Stanley Ferry, Wakefield on 25th March 2006. This well-respected soul night has just celebrated its 10 years anniversary, with a very successful allnighter, and now stages a Chicago Soul Special.

Direct from Chicago, exclusively for one night only,

two Chicago soul legends will be performing some of their wonderful songs.

The event will also be a tribute to the late singer/songwriter Johnny Moore, who sadly died in May 2005. Johnny wrote a number of songs for Syl Johnson, and was a long time friend of Jackie Ross. All three artists are good friends of Frobisher promoter Dave Box, who celebrates his 60th birthday on the same night.

Apart from producing that authentic 60s backing sound, which they are very well known for, Snake Davis & The Suspicions will also perform their own set during the night.

Jackie Ross and Syl Johnson have much more in common than residing in Chicago. In the early 60s Jackie was singing gospel in the Chicago area, but wanted to establish herself in the R&B market. Her break came at a talent contest at the Trianon Ballroom in Chicago. Syl Johnson's band was playing there, Jackie won the contest, and the award was a weekend of singing and being paid. That started her singing in Syl Johnson's band. 2006 - some 43 years later - and they are back on stage together again.

Jackie will perform songs from many of the Chicago labels she was associated with, including Chess, Brunswick, Fountain, Golden Ear, GSF. Jackie only once visited the UK, in 1964, with Johnny Nash, on a Chess promotional tour, to promote her hit "Selfish One".

Jackie has not performed any of her other material in the UK before. For the first time, this very underrated artist gets her chance to perform in front of a very appreciative soul crowd.

Syl Johnson - singer/songwriter/producer; a true legend in soul music. From quote by writer Bill Pollak: "Soul music is a language. The satisfaction that we derive from a great soul performance comes from our sense that the singer is expressing could not have been expressed as well in any other language. That's why a great soul performance means so much more than just a combination of music and lyrics". By this standard, Syl Johnson is a master of the soul genre.

Syl Johnson is still very much a performer and is currently performing in Turkey, supported with some of his original band members from Pieces of Peace. During April 2005, Syl performed at the Barbican in London, as part of "It Came From Memphis" - Hi Records showcase. Many soul fans in the UK knew nothing about the show or the artists appearing, and although the crowd was appreciative, the artists did not get the warm welcome that only true soul fans can show. This is your second chance to see this unique artist live on stage. Syl will perform not only hits from his Hi Records period, but will include songs from his own labels Twilight and Twinight, and his northern soul rarity "Do You Know What Love Is" on Special Agent.

This will undoubtedly be a night to remember - don't miss it.

Tickets will be on sale early December at £20.00 each. Due to demand and size of the venue, it will be TICKETS ONLY admission.

DETAILS: Doors open at 9pm and close at 3am. Bar til 2am.

The Suspicions will perform around 10.30pm.

Jackie and Syl, with Snake Davis & the Suspicions, will be on stage around 12.30 onwards.

Additional support from some of the countries top DJs featuring Chicago Soul 45s.

Jackie and Syl will be available for interviews throughout the night.

Tickets can be obtained from Dave & Val or Fred & Jacque -

Hotel accommodation is available close by - The Village Motel, Normanton; The Bridge Motel, Whitwood; The Tulip Hotel, J32/M62, Glasshoughton. Check the web.


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