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Cub Records (Mgm) 1967 / 68


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MGM reactivated their old CUB label in 1967. Attached is a press announcement about it (Cleveland's Way Out also gets a mention).

The label's management / production team revolved around Beau Ray Fleming and Lockie Edwards Jr.

Lockie had been around the NY music scene for a while. He had written songs cut by the likes of Nat King Cole, Dionne Warwick, Chuck Jackson, Baby Washington, Isley Bros, Walter Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Cleveland Robinson & Timi Yuro.

(Incidentally Lockie passed away back in his home area of Galveston, Texas earlier this year).

Anyway it seems that they put out records on CUB by most of the artists signed to their Calculated Productions (though not by Cab Calloway, the Explosions & Nat Gales). ....... The 45's on CUB .........

.....................CUB RECORDS 1967/68

9150 Act IV --- A Better Man Than I / Bless You 1967

9151 The Sparks --- Woe, Woe / Cool It 1967

9152 Sonny Dublin --- Pigmy Grind Part 1 / Pigmy Grind Part 2 1967

9153 The Petites --- If You Wanna Change The World / Don't Go Changing Your Mind 1967

9154 Chris Calloway --- I Don't Need Another Baby / You Are Something Else 1968

9155 Dee Erwin --- I Only Get This Feeling / Wrong Direction 1968

9156 The Gambrells --- Love Is In The Air / I'm In Love Again Fro The First Time 1968

9157 Jerome Mc Murray --- Hobo Man / Like The Four Winds 1968

9158 The Oz Band --- I Am Not The Same / Winter Rain 1968

9159 The Groovin' Strings and Things --- The Fool On The Hill / You 1968

9160 Johnny Williams --- I Got A Feeling / I'd Like To Be With You 1968

9161 (Dean Courtney) & Partnership --- Angels In The Dark / Gonna Spend My Life Lovin' You 68

9162 The Hi-Lads --- Ready Or Not Here I Come / When I Get To Delaware 1968

The Sparks 45 we have been talking about on another thread (the group included Patrick Adams in their line-up) and Dee Erwin is very well known to everyone (guess he was an old mate of Lockie's) BUT is much known about the other groups signed to them ????????

BTW, Lockie seems to have taken a lower profile after the label was terminated in 1968 (though he was involved with the big latin funk LP 'Harlem River Drive'). Whereas Beau Ray Fleming hooked up with Capitol and worked with (Smoking) Joe Frazier + others. He then masterminded the recording careers of Sun, Mandrill & GQ. ......... CHEERS.


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A couple of groups by the name of the Explosions got to record, don't think either was the above outfit though.

Chris Calloway was of course Cab Calloway's daughter ..........

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By 1970 Chris Calloway had moved on from her recording career.

She was appearing across the US in a touring version of the musical stage show, 'Hello Dolly' (not many soulful numbers in that production).

It did present her with a soul-filled night out though as Berry Gordy hosted the cast at the Gordy Manor on Boston Boulevard in Detroit.

Present that night ; Chris & her dad Cab, Berry G, various other Gordys, Smokey, Edwin Starr, Martha Reeves, Levi, Duke & Obie of the 4 Tops, Stevie W, all of the Originals, Bobby Robinson (Miracles), Marvin Gaye, David Ruffin, Dennis Edwards & Melvin Franklin.

Guess Berry was thinking he could win friends & influence 'show' people and get some of Motown's singers into such shows.

Would loved to have been in attendance that April evening.

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