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Just The Two Bobby's From Me Today, Both Sublime. Decided To Put A Few More Nice Ones On Tonight, Take A Look

Record Sales suinoz

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Now that I have put up all my rare stuff on the site I am going to offer some more great tunes. Please p.m. me if you would like to purchase any. Sale will be first come, first served so the earlier you pm me the more chance to with the 45. Payment as a gift please to suantone@southwest.com.au Good luck these are 2 beauties.

BOBBY HUTTON..COME SEE WHATS LEFT OF ME..PHILLIPS 40601 ISSUE..MINT..DRILL HOLE...225 Has to be one of the most sought after tunes of his. Most copies have been played way past their best. This one is absolutely mint.

BOBBY SHEEN..SOMETHING NEW TO DO..WARNER BROS. PROMO...MINT...100 Another stunning mid tempo dancer, alway's in demand and the condition is sublime. Miss this at your peril.


ROBERT THOMAS..SALVATION..CHARAY ( The best one, green and yellow label )..MINT..50 Fantastic dancer and seems to be getting a lot of play's at the moment. Have you got one? What about the unplayed condition ?? Awesome.

ROBERT JOHN..RAINDROPS LOVE AND SUNSHINE..A + M..MINT..100 Another fantastic mid tempo tear jerker, and look at the condition. Most of these have gone past their play by date so grab this, you won't find a better one anywhere.

ROGER HATCHER..THE SWEETEST GIRL IN THE WORLD..EXCELLO..MINT..200 Again a very in demand tune and again in absolute mint condition. Most of these have seen better day's as they get hammered to death. NOT MINE !

SHIRLEY LAWSON..ONE MORE CHANCE..BACK BEAT PROMO...MINT...150 Oh such an in demand tune anywhere. You all know this is a floor filler. Pop it on the decks and stand back in amazement. Can't be beaten.

SUGAR PIE DESANTO AND ETTA JAMES..IN THE BASEMENT..CHESS..MINT ( comes with CHESS SLEEVE ) 50 This is just so much sought after than the Cadet issue. A great dancer with the gritty vocals of the late Etta James R.I.P.

THERESA LINDSEY..I'LL BET YOU..GOLDEN WORLD..MINT...30 This is 100 MPH Northern Soul at it's absolute very best. If you deejay in the East Midlands you just have to have this stunner. Pop it on the decks, light the blue touch paper and BOOM !!!!!! One of the cheapest floorfillers out there. Make a name for yourself go on.

TOBI LEGEND..NO GOOD TO CRY..MALA DEMO..MINT..50 When did you last see one of these for sale ?? So very rare and not an expensive addition to the collection. The tempo of this is perfect for today's mid tempo driven scene and Tobi's voice just hit's the spot. You may never see another one.

THE TYMES..WHAT WOULD I DO..MGM...MINT...50 Brilliant stomper for such a small price. This record really packs a punch. Deserves massive play's out.

VERNON GARRETT..SHINE IT ON..KENT..MINT..40 Absolute top drawer sound. Just WHY is this not getting huge play's today ?? This is one stunning dancer that should be commanding hundreds of pounds. CONDITION, CONDITION !!!

VIRGINIA WOLVES...STAY..AMY..MINT MINUS..20 Wigan Casino all over again at 4 AM Sunday morning. Just when you thought the Bluey's were wearing off, this comes on the decks to totally revitalise you and that was it right through till 8 AM

FIVE ROYALES...CATCH THAT TEARDROP..ABC PARAMOUNT..MINT...180 Skeggy Weekender favourite and it's coming up real soon so grab this minter while you can. Just about every copy i have seen has been well, well worn out so time to repalce that knackered one.

I will be listing lots more from my personal collection in the coming weeks. Please bear in mind we are 8 hours in front of the U.K. so a reply will be made as early as possible. Thanks, Tony Edgley, Australia.

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