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Sunday Afternoon Soul Feat. Ted Jarretts Music

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Ted Jarrett's productions feature on this month's Sunday Afternoon Soul on Solar at 4 p.m.

Sky 0129


Two hours of music from this Nashville legendary writer and producer, plenty of T-Jayes, Ref-o-Rees and the odd Earl Gaines, Wendell Watts, Lucille Mathis, and Herbert Hunter....plus info on the artists etc. where I've been able to cobble something together.

And with Tony Rounce ripping it up for Soul People at 10 a.m. (leave the studio tidy please Tone :lol:), make Solar Radio your listening choice for this Sunday......

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As you said Steve gonna be a busy weekend. Hopefully some kind person will provide a download.

Guest Polyvelts

Missed this unfortunately, any chance of a link to a stream or download ?

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