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Easy Going Fellow By The Stereos

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Guest souldeepman

Hi guys - I'm researching original issue numbers for tracks and am having a problem with this one. John Ridley has confirmed it was on the Japanese LP "Soul Bag Vol.1" but, in his sleeve-notes to both the old UK Charly 2-CD and 3-CD book and box-sets of Sound Stage 7 stuff, Steve Bryant says Roscoe Shelton's "Easy Going Fellow" (penned by Allen Orange) was covered not only by Billy Mills (indeed it was, on Seventy-Seven) but also by the Stereos "for Sound Stage 7". However, he could have simply been referring to its issue on the Japanese LP rather than on an original 45 and it does seem perhaps unlikely that John Richbourg would issue the same song on 45 by Roscoe Shelton, Billy Mills AND the Stereos..

However, what I would like to know is - did it ever appear as a 45 on a Sound Stage 7 (or other John R label)? There are gaps in all the well-regarded singles discographies for the Sound Stage 7 label, namely Stak-O-Wax, Soulful Kinda Music, Souled Out Magazine etc., and I guess it's just possible the Stereos' version saw single release under one of those numbers, e.g. 2592, 2593 or (from the later series) 1503, 1504 or 1505.

Does anyone know for sure whether or not the Stereos' version ever saw a 45 release and, if it did, what the label/number was?

Thanks in advance to anyone prepared to look into this.

If you prefer to write direct, please contact me at peterjnickols@yahoo.com

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