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70's/80's Packs

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These are £20 each!!!! All records are in good shape, the odd one might have some light inaudible scuffs, maybe with the odd pop & crackle , but all play great with intact labels. paypal welcome, postage per pack is £1.50 to the U.K., £2.00 to Europe & £3.00 to anywhere else. All records are original vinyl

70's/80's Stuff No.3

Al Green - Full Of Fire - Hi (PROMO)

Full Of Fire.MP3

Louis Dyer - I Wanna Make Love To You - Little Star

I Wanna Make Love To You.MP3

Lee Mitchell - Best Shot - Full Speed

Best Shot.MP3

Nature's Divine - Just Can't Control Myself - Infinity

Just Can't Control Myself.MP3

Arthur Prysock - All I Need is You Tonight - Old Town

All I Need.MP3

70's/80's Stuff No. 4

Quazar - Savin' My Love For A Rainy Day - Arista

Savin' My Love.MP3

South Shore Commission - Train Called Freedom - Wand

Train Called Freedom.MP3

George Benson - On Broadway - WB

On Broadway.MP3

Impressions - Wherever She Leadeth Me - Curtom

Wherever She Leadeth Me.MP3

Sequins - It Must Be Love - Crajon

It Must Be Love.MP3

THESE STILL AVAILABLE......................................................

70's/80's Stuff No.2

Philadelphia Phillies - Ain't No Stopping Us Now - P.I.R (WHITE PROMO)

Eric Rapier - Can't Stop Dreaming - Keynote

William Bell - Easy Coming Out - Mercury (PROMO)

Betty Wright - I Believe It's Love - Alston

Futures - Stay With Me - Gamble (WHITE PROMO)

70's/80's Stuff No.1

Devotions - Let's Join Our World Together - Silver Dollar (WHITE PROMO)

Reuben Bell - We're Gonna Make It - Port City

Lou Rawls - see You When I Get There - P.I.R.

Tapestry - Life Is What You Make It - Capitol

Leone Thomas - Thank You Baby - Don

Thanks for looking and listening


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