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Best List I've Seen For A Long Time. Anglo American's Latest

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PO BOX 4 , TODMORDEN Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com



ENGLAND. List 570 APR 23rd 2012 Reservations 9.30 am - 5.45 pm weekdays


Postage and packing £1.50 for 1st disc then 50p per record. Please add £0.80 for recorded delivery. £6 for Special Delivery.

Europe £4.00 for 1st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )

Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1st record (then 50p per record).

We accept most major credit cards.

Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don't buy, so if this list is



1 Admirations Wait Til I Get To Know You One - derful! M- 15

Great Chicago harmony - becoming hard to find

2 Inspirations Touch Me, Hold Me, Kiss Me Black Pearl M- 15

Famous 'Torch' spin - great girl group

3 Intruders (You'd Better) Check Yourself Gamble M- 15

Total stormer - nice flipside "It Must Be Love"

4 Stagemasters Baby, I'm Here Just To Love You Slide M- 15

The ultimate stomper??

5 Jerry Butler Moody Woman Mercury M- 10

Turned into an all time Northern classic. First release on darker red label

6 Dee Dee Sharp


Nobody Could Take Your Place Phil Int'l WD M- 10

Nice white promo of this class 1977 dancer

7 Holidays Makin' Up Time Golden World M- 10

One of the all time great instrumentals

8 The Gaslight I'm Only A Man Grand Junction M- 15

Superb early seventies Detroit

9 Sophisticated


Check It Out Mayhew M- 10

Good version of the Bobby Womack tune, got spins a few years ago. Nice price!

10 Uniques Not Too Long Ago Paula M- 15

One of the best blue-eyed dancers

Don't forget to check out our website - new additions every week.

Northern, Modern, Funk, Deep, 60's, 70's, 80's etc



100 mint condition U.S. label originals.

Stompers, R&B dancers, Modern winners, Beat ballads.

You can't go wrong!! (price includes P & P)

N. B. Overseas customers - shipping price on request


11 International Kansas City Playboys Quittin' Time Wheelsville M- 150

12 Harry Starr Another Time, Another Place End M- 300

13 New Yorkers Don't Want To Be Your Fool Tac-Ful M- 350

14 Syng McGowan That's What I Want Hope M- 200

15 Claude Huey Why Would You Blow It Galaxy D M- 200

16 Sandra Phillips I Wish I Had Known Okeh M- 300

Rare issue, superb dancer just waiting for the right deejay

17 Bobby Moore I Carefully Checked Your Heart Kay-O VG++ 300

Great dancer, doesn't come along very often

18 Danny Owens I Can't Be A Fool For You Manhattan M- 450

19 Robert Neal I'm So Glad Port M- 60

20 Two People Stop, Leave My Heart Alone Revue D M- 200

21 Towanda Barnes You Don't Mean It A&M WD M- 100

Original promo release - great funky dancer flipside "Find Someone to Love"

22 H B Barnum It Hurts Too Much To Cry RCA Victor M- 100

23 High Keys Living A Lie Verve D M- 350

Rare yellow label promo - nice!

24 Chris Campbell You Gotta Pay Dues U.S.A. D M- 125

25 Syl Johnson Do You Know What Love Is Special Agent M- 200

Red label release

26 Delegates Of Soul I'll Come Running Back Up Look M- 250

27 Maxine Brown Let Me Give You My Lovin' Wand D M- 35

28 Kris Peterson Just As Much Top Dog M- 150

29 Bud Harper Mr. Soul Peacock M- 30

30 Gail Anderson Be Proud (You're In Love) Salvador M- 75

31 Art Posey No More Heartaches Scope M- 150

32 Truetones He's Got Nerve Soulville M- 80

Original label before Josie - great and rare

33 Bobby Hebb You Want To Change Me Philips M- 40

34 Traditions My Life With You Bar Clay M- 40

35 Hoagy Lands Why Didn't You Let Me Know Spectrum M- 30

Backed with 'Do You Know What Life Is All About'

36 Barbara English (You Got Me) Sittin' In The Corner Aurora D M- 150

37 Patti Labelle You Forgot How To Love Atlantic M- 25

38 William Hunt Would You Believe Stramside WD M- 50

Rare white promo copy

39 Magnificents My Heart Is Calling Dee Gee M- 150

Silver label issue copy

40 Adventurers Easy Baby Compass D M- 300

41 Jimmy Seals The Yesterday Of Our love Challenge WD M- 200

42 Art Wheeler That's How Much I Love You Cee-Jam WD M- 200

43 Dee Dee Sharp Standing in The Need Of Love Cameo WD M- 50

Rare promo

44 Marvin Smith Have More Time Brunswick M- 40

45 John Parker Just A Thing Called Love Brunswick M- 100

Very rare on the black label issue copy

46 Brothers Of Soul I'd Be Grateful Boo M- 100

47 Harrison Brothers Run For Your Life Bobalou M- 250

48 Lou Johnson Magic Potion Big Top M- 20

49 Lillian Dupree (I've Got A) Shield Around My Heart D-Town M- 100

50 Quotations I Don't Have To Worry Di Venus M- 100

51 Cookie Scott Your Love It Won Me Over Orr M- 25

52 Sapphires Gotta Have Your Love ABCParamount

M- 30

53 Lorenzo Manley (I'm Gonna) Swoop Down On You Original Sound M- 30

54 Spyders I Can Take Care Of Myself MTA D M- 35

55 Jimmy Norman I'm Leaving (This Old town) Mercury WD M- 100

56 Themes No Explanation Needed Minit D M- 75

57 Marva Whitney Saving My Love For My Baby Federal M- 25

58 Chosen Few Taking All The Love I Can Maple WD M- 30

59 Linda Jones My Heart Needs A Break Loma M- 100

First design yellow label

60 Maqueraders One More Chance La Beat M- 30

61 Yvonne Baker I Can't Change Junior M- 35

Backed with 'Mend The Torn Pieces'

62 Darrow Fletcher What Good Am I Without You Jacklyn M- 40

63 Danny Wagner I Lost A True Love Imperial D M- 125

Vinyl copy - rarer than styrene

64 The "Q" That's The Way Hound M- 150

65 Robert Parker I Caught You In A Lie Nola WD M- 75

Really rare on a white demo copy

66 Lorraine Rudolph Keep Coming Back For More Jetstream M- 100

67 Ad Libs Nothing Worse Than Being Alone Share M- 25

68 Ulti-mations Would I Do It Over Mar-V-Lus M- 25

69 Bunny Sigler Sunny Sunday Parkway M- 25

Fantastic soul record - quite popular at Stafford

70 Lee Shot Williams Love Now Pay Later Gamma M- 150

71 Bobby Paris Per-So-Nal-Ly Polydor Australian M- 40

72 Timebox Beggin' Deram Australian M- 50


All play very well to almost perfect. VG++ indicates a few marks, VG+ rather more marks

73 Bonnie Brisker Someone Really Loves You Magic City VG++ 85

74 Mac And Barb Hold Me Tighter Pyramid VG++ 100

75 Johnny Bartel I Waited Too Long Solid State VG++ 25

76 Tymes What Would I Do MGM VG++ 20

77 TSU Toronados Please Heart Don't Break Rampart Street VG+ 50

78 Voice Box I Want It Back (Your Love) Loma WD VG++ 20

79 Connie Tanzell Don't Knock Me Soul Clock VG++ 45

80 Custer's Last


I Couldn't Last A Day Without Your


Golden Chariot VG++ 50

81 Contacts You Gonna Pay Quadran VG++ 100

82 Patty Stokes Good Girl (Can You Be?) Mir-A-Don VG++ 35

83 Summitts I Can't Get Over Losing You Dontee VG++ 150

84 Janice Christian Promises Swan WD VG+ 85

85 Ronnie Milsap When It Comes To My Baby Scepter WD VG++ 25

86 Sapphires Evil One ABCParamount

VG++ 25

87 Olympics No More Will I Cry Loma WD VG++ 40

88 Harold Hopkins Glamour Girl Scepter VG+ 25

89 Robert John If You Don't Want My Love Columbia VG++ 15

90 Norm West Hey Little Girl M.O.C. VG+ 15

91 Sensational Five It's Hard Out Here Sag Port VG++ 25

92 Attractions You Don't Know Boy June Bug VG++ 60

93 Geraldine Hunt Two Can Live Cheaper Than One Bombay VG+ 40

94 Ben Aiken Hurry On Home Baby Squire VG++ 25

95 Miracles If Your Mother Only Knew Tamla 54069 VG++ 50

96 Debra Healy Don't Do Nothing I Wouldn't Do Chrysler VG+ 25

97 Jimmy Burns Powerful Love Tip Top VG+ 25

98 Anthony & Aqua Lads I Remember Gold Bee VG++ 100

99 Johnny Nash I'm Movin' On Warner Bros D VG++ 35

100 Ronnie Milsap Total Disaster Warner Bros D VG+ 25

101 Wonderettes I Feel Strange Ruby VG++ 20

102 Johnny Daye Keep On Loving You Blue Star VG++ 50

103 Fasinations Mama Didn't Lie ABCParamount

VG++ 20

104 Billy Gales I'm Hurting Shock VG++ 35

105 The Cheers Mighty, Mighty, Lover Penny VG+ 20

106 Dimensions We're Doing Fine Washington Sq VG+ 50

107 Companions Be Yourself General American VG+ 20

Yellow label

108 Stoppers Come Back Baby Jubilee VG+ 40

109 Shane Martin One And One Columbia WD VG++ 20

110 Chris Teller I've Been Hurt Ciray VG++ 30

111 Players IV The Two Of Us Knoll VG++ 100

112 Monzas Instant Love Pacific VG++ 45

113 O'Jay's Working On Your Case Minit D VG++ 20

114 Lovelites Get It Off My Conscience Love-Lite VG++ 25

115 Denita James I Have Feelings Too Flip VG++ 50

116 Tommy Frontera (You're My) Leading Lady Hi-Lite VG++ 75

117 Mike & Ray If Only You Knew Giant VG+ 300

118 Spidells If It Ain't One Thing Coral D VG++ 85


119 Michael Valvano For The First Time In MY Life Jodi-Pat M- 200

First release, before IRDA distribution

120 Albert Jones You And Your Love Candy Apple M- 100

Canadian only therefore a rare, and great, modern dancer

121 Curtis Liggins Indications What It Is Kaycee-soul M- 400

122 Johnny Moore It's All Over Jadan M- 300

Dog rare, first release before Brunswick

123 Phyllis Hyman You Know How To Love Me Arista M- 15

124 Winfield Parker I Wanna Be With You P & L M- 25

125 Heartstoppers Marching Out Of Your Life All Platinum M- 25

126 Jeff Perry Love Don't Come No Stronger Arista WD M- 30

Got to be rare on a demo!

127 Southside Movement Do It To Me 20th Century D M- 20

128 Cross Fire Take Me Back Virtue M- 25

129 Odds And Ends Let Me Try Today M- 25

130 E.K.G. Give Me Love The


M- 50

131 Garland Green Ask Me For What You Want RCA M- 50

132 Larry Santos Can't Get You Off My Mind Casablanca D M- 20

133 Chery Berdell Giving It All To Me EM.T M- 25

134 Five Special The More I Get To Know You T E A I M- 25

135 Crystal Motion You're My Main Squeeze Sound Gems VG++ 20

136 Velvet Hammer Happy Soozi M- 75

Multi coloured label

137 Wales Wallace Somebody I Know Brunswick M- 25

Brilliant 'Mecca' spin will have its day one day

138 Gloria Walker My Precious Love People M- 40

139 Oscar Perry Main String Peri-Tone M- 35

140 Reggie Garner That Ain't The Way You Make Love ABC M- 100

Two fantastic sides on issue copies only - "Half A Cup" on the flipside of course

141 Jones Girls If You Don't Love me No More Paramount D M- 20

142 David Ruffin Rode By The Place Motown 1420 M- 40

143 Roy Dawson Over The top Coemands M- 30

144 Four Below Zero My Baby's Got E.S.P. Roulette M- 50

Some dope wrote "Mike" on the label hence low price. Good vinyl

145 Leon Ware What's Your Name Fabulous M- 20

146 Johnny Bristol Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me Handshake M- 30

147 Smoke Have I Really Lost You J. Bridge M- 25

148 Hodges, James Smith & Crawford I'm In Love Mpingo WD M- 30

149 The Image Surprise Janus M- 25

150 Laura Lee (If You Want To Try Love Again)

Remember Me

Hot Wax M- 30

Should this be in Northern, should it be in Modern? Well it should be in your collection that's for


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