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At The Monkey Last Night If So Please Read

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Had a most enjoyable night myself and all feedback had on night says the same, a quick look back be added later

but thought post up the following as just got in and may slip later on

first if was first time and wish to keep informed of all drunken monkey soul club going ons along with latest news and info on all north wales soul going ons

then hit this link

and just pass on name and whichever ones you want news and info sent by



(to be added to two north wales soul related newsletters - get all dmsc info and all north wales soul related stuf fas well )

mobile -

(been sending out latest news and info by sms text messages for 5 years now, its free, instant and never used for anything else but latest word on dmsc and related soul going ons!

or address

( get latest flyers etc info and more via normal mail, obvisouly the above two are easiest but if only way get info to you then feel free to post)

few cryptic reminder pass ons

thats it, as said a better look back later on

thanks to all who made it a good one

full details on all going ons in 2006 soon asp


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