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7Inch & 12Inch Record Boxes For Sale - Great Condition

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All record boxes in great condition.

Mustard Yellow twin lock heavyweight 12" vinyl record box with key. £14.99p SOLD

Weight: 2585g

Post Office Red twin lock 12" vinyl record box with key. £10.99p

Weight: 2065g

Slight repair to 2 small 1cm tears in vinyl front bottom right corner and one 3.5 inch (9cm) seam split on bottom right hand side edge of the cantilever front wall (see close up photo)

Black lockable 7" vinyl record box with key holds 50. £11.50p SOLD

Weight: 1018g

Heavyweight Cream lockable 7" vinyl record box with key holds 50. £14.99p SOLD

Weight: 1204g

Please note: All records boxes are thoroughly cleaned inside and out before mailing.

Can be collected in person for free within t' Bradford area.

Or quite happy to mail only within the UK (sorry) 12" boxes plus £9.00p P&P; 7" boxes plus £5.50p P&P.

PM or email me to reserve, discuss blah blah blah.

derek x

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