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Weekend Just Gone -Reports??


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Reports needed!

Had a few q's out and about what has happened to all the reports on events that used to get posted up?

Well not really sure, been a bit lacking meself cause of other stuff going on, however will try and sort

What have heard so far

Bangor Soul At Social - Was there, a Cracker, large crowd, great feel, great nite, more later

Sheridans Niter - Kev M was running this weeks one I think, again heard it was a good one

Union Club Nottingham - Been told that it was yet another good one, living up to the name its getting

Togetherness Weekender - Heard modern room was good, Marvin Smith was superb, northern wise havent heard that much apart from numbers down

Someones posted up a quick view of Sherdians in the comments bit, cheers for that, as always feel free to post up how your weekend was

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Most active in this topic

Most active in this topic

Hi Folks,

I know that a few ANS members are with other similar subscriptions, and would kindly ask that any stupid and derogatory comments towards this past weekend's massive success in Fleetwood, are responded to with REAL HARD FACTS.

Anybody who was there realises the event is at the very top of the Rare Soul agenda-numbers wise. Promoting at this level is tough and we cannot get it right all the time, but we focus very, very hard on pleasing the majority. And not minorities who would rather listen to 10 grand 45's in a phone box. That market I hate to say is for the history books.

I saw a earlier mailing from someone who wasn't even there claiming 'numbers were down', 'Marvin Smith was OK' 'Not Much Atmosphere in the Northern room' were just three such idiotic statements.

For the record;

2,150 Attendance.

That's nearly 6,000 at our events in 3 weeks. Obviously Richard and I are doing something wrong!

Thanks for your time,


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What a mouthful, talk about over reaction.

Dunno what reports he has read but made my observations on here, after asking and reading about 5 different reports, "numbers down " being the only negative point I can read in my post

and as it was billed as 2500 attending well the "hard fact" as I read it after the above is errrr......numbers were down. Unless the advertising was wrong of course.

As I said thats what I heard, this site and email is always open to reviews from all venues, if people send them in, they will be used.

As for attacking other styles, calling them a "market" says it all

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Ok then Kev.....One huge complaint WHY the F**k did the music not start until 10 pm on the friday night.

Kev was acosted by quite a few disgruntled soulies his reply which he also announced over the mike, was that people from down south could not get there early enough.

What a load of bollocks, every one has known about the event for 6 months to a year and had plenty of time to make arrangements. We are all paying good money to attend these events not to mention the accelerated bar prices.

I managed to get there from Leister in good time for the advertised start of 8pm, then had to spend two hours sitting around. ( Or was it that Kev and Co were trying to save money by not paying a dj for those two hours?)

The main dance floor was absolutely packed, so much so that you could not have a good dance, there must be a limit of how many people the room can hold, is it a case of get the money and pack them in?.

Sorry but it will be my last togetherness, roll on Cleethorpes :-)

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yeah been to one Togetherness do at Blackburn - wont go again. Music was dire (talk about overplayed oldies - even so-called top djs have succumbed to playing them all nite - some sounds were played at least 3 times). Maybe time for new blood on the dj market!! There seemed to be more interest there in filling the 'other' rooms with jazz etc to the non-soulies of Blackburn town centre - havent they got normal nite clubs for that stuff in Blackburn! Sorry Mr Roberts and Co. but just far too commercial for me, but hats off to you as i am sure a lot of effort goes into these venues.

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Sorry for the delay on this one. RAFA Club in Wrexham last Friday October 3rd. Brilliant night, great turn out.

Brian Ellis was the guest DJ, who did a great job. Many thanks to everyone who came and those that travelled.

Great to see North Wales doing their bit for Soul Music, what with DMSC at Bangor as well, congrats to all concerned up the coast.

Kev Jones

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And not minorities who would rather listen to 10 grand 45's in a phone box. That market I hate to say is for the history books.

what a load of ********* toss

you post moaning about "hard facts"

then come out with toss like that,

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